On the Go Bags + Giveaway!

Hip, hip….hooray! On the Go Bags—15 Handmade Purses, Totes & Organizers releases this month! We have been eagerly awaiting this book, co-authored by Lindsay Conner and Janelle MacKay, which features more than a dozen original, multi-use bag and organizer patterns that will help you keep the essentials at an arm’s reach. So, whether you’re headed to work, running errands, on vacation, or just trying to keep it all together at home… there’s something perfect for you!

On the Go Bags (Dec. 2015, Stash Books)

The contributing designers from the book include some names you’ll recognize from the Pellon Projects portion of our site. Read to learn a bit more about the projects and for your chance to win the book! First, let’s ask co-authors Janelle and Lindsay a few questions to get to know them better!

On the Go Bags Techniques

1) If you were on a desert island and could only take one Pellon product with you, what would it be and why?

JM: Pellon Thermolam Plus, because I will be able to use it to make beautiful, dense, interlining in all of my bag projects. It’s not too thick to sew through, but creates a very substantial feel to the project. I would take only fusible though, because it stays in place, and I’m sure Gilligan will have an iron there anyway.

LC: Definitely ShapeFlex. I’m in love with this stuff for making bag panels from quilting cottons. It gives just the right amount of weight, and is really great paired with Thermolam. Since I’m also a quilter, I even used it to back the panels for a T-shirt quilt, and it worked wonderfully!

Travel Toiletry Roll - On the Go Bags

Travel Toiletry Roll from “On the Go Bags”

2) What project from the book are you most looking forward to making (or sewing again)?

JM: I need all of the projects from the book, have made many, and plan on making them all. And first on the list is a Travel Toiletry Roll. I’ve got a trip planned to Quilt Market in the Spring, and this will be necessary!

LC: I’m on my fourth Sporty Strap Pack (one-shouldered backpack), and each time I make it, I am having fun personalizing it with extra little details and contrast pockets. I also really want to make a Shopping Cart Caddy to hold my phone, shopping list and keys while I’m out getting groceries!

Two Bottle Tote - On the Go Bags

Two-Bottle Tote from “On the Go Bags”

3) What’s your favorite guilty pleasure to enjoy while you’re sewing?

JM: I love to have a nice cold beer with me while I’m sewing. I find my sewing room gets so hot with that iron going, a cold beer to sip on is so refreshing.

LC: Salt & vinegar potato chips! Lately, I’ve enjoyed listening to an audiobook on my laptop, although I tend to miss a few paragraphs while the sewing machine really gets whirring.

Padded Bag Insert - On the Go Bags

Can you imagine using some of our new Flex Foam in this Padded Camera Bag Insert from the book? In addition to the projects, you’ll learn some great bag-making techniques to get a professional finish. We’ve also spotted lots of projects that are great with a lightweight interfacing such as ShapeFlex, a heaver stabilizer like Peltex or a fusible bag shaper like Thermolam Plus.

For a look at more projects in the book, here’s a little video trailer…

On the Go Bags Blog Tour

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Would you like to win a copy of On the Go Bags? Leave a comment on this post telling us what style of bag is most useful in your everyday life and why. Giveaway ends 12/15 at midnight EST, and we’ll choose one random winner. U.S. winner will receive a hard copy, and winner outside the U.S. will receive an e-Book.

72 thoughts on “On the Go Bags + Giveaway!

  1. Leigh says:

    Love cross body messenger style bags for carrying my laptop, notebooks, and most importantly, my coffee thermos for late night grad school library stops.

  2. Carla G says:

    A cross body bag with multiple pockets is my go to everytime I leave home. 🙂 That way I have 2 hands free to shop or deal with my kids.

  3. Kim says:

    I love a big messenger bag with comfortable straps, good for carrying my tablet, some books if im going to class, my water bottle, snacks and anything else i might need for the day.

  4. chilebeanz says:

    My hubs and I will need the hanging toiletry bags right away! One for each of us! I know the book is something I’d love to have as I prepare for our planned move into a tiny house on wheels which will always be “on the go”! The projects are tailor made for me! The organizer will be just the ticket for our home’s loft storage and for our vehicle as we travel and stay in our state and national parks. A smart backpack will be necessary as we hike the trails, too, and there is frequent shopping for groceries for a tiny tiny house, so totes are a necessity! My collection of practical bags will be an important part of our journey, as will my beloved sewing machine! What the Pellon interfacings will do for me as I make them is nothing short of a blessing!

  5. Vontina says:

    Who doesn’t love Pellon products, I purchase by the bolt I make many bags. Since being on this Book Blog Tour I want to make all the bags.

  6. ChiefHomeExec says:

    I really do love a wrist strap clutch wallet that fits my phone and tissues, cards and the few cents I have left after going fabric shopping 🙂

  7. Lee in KS says:

    Most of the time I carry a medium size shoulder bag for all the gear I need to bring. So far I have sewn some small drawstring bags and plan to make other, larger bags when I learn how.

  8. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    I find Tote bags most useful in my everyday life. Inside the tote I use small pouches to keep organized, i.e. cosmetics, medication, coupons, etc.
    I also love see-through project bags for my quilting projects.

  9. Sheila Kerr says:

    I really need large bags that allow me to carry both my purse “stuff” and my lunch in an insulated portion. One bag, Yay!

  10. Marian says:

    Can never have too many totes, but i also love project nags so I can keep everything together and the furries cant get to them!

  11. Gina says:

    I tend to use totes with plenty of pockets, especially for traveling. I used to carry a backpack everywhere because my hands could be free for other things. Maybe I should give the Sporty Strap Pack a try.

  12. Eileen says:

    I love me a crossbody bag. But I just bought a “new” used camera that came with a backpack. It’s an okay backpack, really – but I’d love to create a new one with a little more “me” styling to it.

    And it would give me a really good excuse for getting UP and AWAY from my workroom to actually LEARN TO USE the camera. Just sayin’. You know, to better document all the sewing jobs.

  13. Sharon Lichter says:

    I love a small cross body bag for everyday. They are so convenient to carry a few things and are light and easy to carry.

  14. Cherita says:

    I have to say the one I use the most is the one that just fits my phone-a wallet/clutch thingy. I just finished a NCW that I’m totally smitten with!

  15. Karen says:

    I like smaller, cross body style bags. They leave my hands free and don’t wander all over my shoulders or up and down my arms!!

  16. Lorraine says:

    I like a sturdy basic bag for toting groceries….I’m a carry- it- in- one- trip kind of person! Looks like a great book!

  17. Jamie N says:

    I have been enjoying making purses recently. I like a purse look, but it must have the funtionality to also hold my 8″ tablet. I love the projects in this book!

  18. Dawn B says:

    A medium size crossbody bag without to much structure. The bigger the bag the more I fill it with stuff I don’t need every day. I needs to hold just the day to day essentials.

  19. Lori Morton says:

    My favorite everyday bag is a shoulder bag. Husband always has things to “throw this in your purse” when we go places! lol BUT I am definitely a Tote “addict”! Love them!!! So hand for taking project along, separating yarn projects, etc etc LOOOOOVE Totes! 🙂

    Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way! 🙂

  20. tytbody says:

    that is a cool video. Congrats on putting it together. Great insight. I like the Airport bag for get up and go. When I need to go to the store to get that bottle of milk, I can grab that and go and get back.. No fuss.

  21. MsVicki says:

    It’s got to be big, it’s got to be sturdy; it needs a shoulder strap. Ohhh, and pockets, lots of pockets. And did I forget to say: lots of different ways to mix up the fabrics used?


    That’s what I need.

  22. Marsha Law says:

    I don’t even want to talk about everyday bags because all I want to carry right now is a beach bag, and I can’t! But I have to say, Janelle, you crack me up! The Professor would have certainly made an iron for Gilligan to press Ginger’s gowns.

  23. lucilledupuis says:

    I want the bag on the cover! I have an old ugly bag just like this but it’s so practical I haven’t been able to ditch it. Maybe now?

  24. Joanne says:

    I would love to win this book. I carry a bag that has room for my glucose monitor and my insulin pens and everything else one needs in their purse. I just love the versatility of the bags featured in this book.

  25. Linda Fleming says:

    Beautiful book!
    I like an everyday bag I can take with me when I’m out shopping.
    It needs to be about 12″ long and about 6″ deep to put my stash of mailed coupons in…

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