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  1. Rainey says:

    Can you use Pellon cotton batting with the scrim on the back in children’s quilts? Is the scrim flammable?

    • erin @ pellon says:

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks so much for checking in with us! If you are referring to a small piece of the carrier paper from the Wonder-Under® it should not pose a problem other than you may get a crinkling sound. As it has a silicone coating on it, it will not dissolve quickly like plain paper. Over time, however, and repeated washings it should begin to break down.

      I hope that this helps! Best of luck with your project!
      –Erin & Michele @ Pellon

  2. Molly O'Dea says:

    I am working on a project that asks for pre-washing my pellon. Any special instructions? Can I dry it or need to let it dripdry?

    • erin @ pellon says:

      Hi Molly,

      Can you tell us which product your project calls for? That information will dictate our answer:). You can also write to us at if that’s easier!

      Thank you so much!
      Best Wishes — Erin at Pellon

      • erin @ pellon says:

        Hi Molly —

        Thanks so much for clarifying! As our SF101 Shape-Flex is 100% Cotton, it is the one product that we would recommend pre-washing if you also plan to pre-wash your fabrics. To do this, fill a basin with warm water and put the SF101 in for about five minutes. Gently squeeze out the excess water being careful not to dis-lodge the fusible (a good idea is to gently roll it in a waiting towel) and line dry it. You should NOT put this in a machine washer or dryer by itself. As the Thermolam is 100% Polyester, you do not need to pre-wash as no shrinkage should be expected.

        I hope that this helps! Should you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. Good luck with your project and happy sewing! — Erin at Pellon

  3. Suzanna says:

    I have always used Pellon 40wt stabilizer for the backing of my machine embroidery designs. Recently I had to purchase more Pellon 40wt and to my suprise the cost had increased and the quality of the new 40wt was not the same. I don’t mind paying the $2.29 a yard for the stabilizer but I do object to the quality. Maybe Pellon thought no one would notice! Pellon: SHAME ON YOU!

    • erin @ pellon says:

      We, at Pellon®, always strive to provide the best product at a competitive price. We have not changed the specifications on our #40 Stabilizer. If you would like replacement, please contact us directly at and we will get in touch with you personally. We apologize if you received product which was not satisfactory.

      • Suzanna Bowman says:

        Thank you Michelle, Erin and Charles for your help solving this problem. Pellon seems like it really cares about the consumer. I look forward to purchasing more Pellon products.

    • erin @ pellon says:

      Hi Jayne,

      I’m so sorry that you didn’t receive instructions with your purchase! The P44F is a product that is currently sold exclusively at Joann Stores as a promotional item. This low cost item is made to their specifications. It is not sold in our regular Pellon® line. The closest item to this is our 906F Pellon® Fusible for Sheer to Lightweight Fabrics. You can grab a copy of the instructions for our 906F right here: I hope that this helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.

      Our very best wishes,
      Erin @ Pellon

    • erin @ pellon says:

      Hi Doni –

      For a T-shirt quilt, our interfacing expert recommends using the 906F Fusible Sheerweight or the 911F Fusible Featherweight for a lighter finished product. Both are non woven fusibles which do have some give in one or more directions. For a more stable finished product, she recommends the 950F Shir-Tailor®. It is stable in all directions and a little bit heavier. We have an excellent tutorial on our website that also recommends this product (grab it here: What is really comes down to is personal choice.

      I hope that this helps! Best of luck and we’d love to see the finished product once it’s complete:)
      Have a lovely weekend –
      Erin @ Pellon

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