Fabric Jewelry with Fuse-N-Shape™

Fuse-n-ShapelaunchWe’re SO excited to introduce another brand new product to the Pellon® line, Fuse-N-Shape™. It has a heavy firmness and is resistant to distortion. It is fusible on both sides of the material making it ideal for fabric bowls, picture frames, hats, placemats and window treatment accents. Best of all, it comes in both Medium AND Heavyweight and it is available in convenient 15″ x 36″ packages at your local Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store.


Looking for a quick and easy project using this fab new product? We’ve got a great one for you courtesy of Pellon® Project Designer Jackie White of Jackie’s Art Quilts. Read on for the step-by-step.


Materials Needed
10″ square of Pellon® 721 Fuse-N-Shape™ (Medium)
8″ piece of elastic ribbon
2 earring bases
Scraps of fabric (sample used Madhuri by The quilted Fish for Riley Blake Fabrics)
Flower Template

Flower Bracelet:
Step 1 – Cut out one 4” square from Pellon® Fuse-N-Shape™ and two 4″ squares from fabric.
Step 2 – Fuse fabric to both sides of Fuse-N-Shape™, following manufacturer’s instructions.
Step 3 – Trace larger flower template onto back of square and cut out.
Step 4 – Press with iron for 10 seconds let cool. Pick up and pinch together to make a flower form.


Step 5 – Cut out one 3” square from Fuse-N-Shape™ and two 3″ squares from fabric.
Step 6 – Fuse fabric to both sides of Fuse-N-Shape™.
Step 7 – Trace smaller flower template onto back of square and cut out.
Step 8 – Sew a button through both layers of Fuse-N-Shape™ and onto the middle of the ribbon elastic.
Step 9 – Wrap ribbon elastic around wrist to get a fit and stitch ends together.


For fun, put a broach pin on the bag and wear with your favourite shirt or pin on your favourite bag or purse.  Or attach to a hair band.

Fabric Earrings:
Step 1 – Decide on the shape that you want for your earrings. Cut out 1 from the Fuse-N-Shape™ and two from your fabric.
Step 2 – Place one fabric wrong side up on an ironing surface. Layer Fuse-N-Shape™, then the earring base, then other piece of fabric right side up. Cover with pressing cloth. Press with iron, flip to other side and press.
Step 3 – You’re done!



This is a great project for kids as well! A fun afternoon full of gift-making;).

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About Jackie:
Jackie is a quilt artist that has had her quilts juried in Canadian and American Shows. She started off in traditional quilts with her first quilt being a Trip Around the World. From that traditional quilt, Jackie made a few more bed quilts, but soon got tired of following patterns.

Jackie loves doing her own thing, not following the rules and wanted her quilts to pop. She disliked that they laid flat and that’s when her 3 dimensional work was born. She hand dyes most of her own fabric. Jackie now designs art quilts using original 3D technique that literally makes the objects stand out on the background. She has also started writing a column for the quarterly magazine for the Canadian Quilting Association. Her articles take on a humorous approach to quilting.

Jackie enjoys teaching others about her techniques and encourages them to explore their creativity.

Find Jackie online: Blog


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