Ten Minute Holiday Crown

In the days before my daughter, creating the perfect New Year’s Eve look was never an issue. Though I may not have appreciated it then, I had oodles of time — for shopping, crafting, and planning. These days, time is limited and rather than involving Madison Square Garden concerts and posh NY bars, my typical New Year’s plans revolve around a small group of friends and a glass of champagne. Some years we make it until midnight, other years, well… you get the picture;).

This year, I’m working on a few festive New Year’s accessories to add a little extra cheer to the evening. Thanks to some spare pieces of Pellon® interfacing and a bit of leftover necklace chain, I came up with a snazzy and super-fast little crown.


If you’re only making one, this crown takes about 10 minutes… make them in multiples and they are still a quick afternoon project.

Materials & Tools List
— Main fabric
Pellon® 72F Peltex® II Ultra-Firm 2-Sided Fusible
OR Pellon® 70 Peltex® Ultra-Firm Sew-In & Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under®
— Decorative elastic
— Embellishments (crown pictured uses necklace chain from Jo-Ann)
— Rotary cutter & related supplies
— Scissors
— Iron & ironing surface
— Sewing machine, hand sewing needle & related supplies

Step 1 — Print out the crown template and choose which height crown you plan to use. Cut out. (crown pictured uses the taller template)

Step 2 — Cut two rectangles of desired fabric & Peltex® II that are slightly larger than the selected template.

Step 3 — Place the two fabric rectangles wrong sides together with the Peltex® II in the middle. Fuse following manufacturer’s instructions. (If using Peltex® Sew-In + Wonder-Under®: Iron one rectangle of Wonder-Under® to the wrong side of each fabric rectangle. Let cool. Remove paper backing. Place the two rectangles wrong sides together with the Peltex® in the middle and fuse following manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 4 — Using the selected template as a guide, cut out the crown shape. Finish edges with a satin or zig zag stitch if desired.

Step 5 — Embellish and decorate as desired.

Step 6 — Cut desired length of decorative elastic (or ribbon) and sew ends to the sides of the crown to create a headband crown.

Happy New Year!! 

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