Which Side Is Fusible?

This is actually a Wednesday tip, masquerading as a Tuesday tip;). But, aren’t tips great any day of the week? As always, this wisdom is courtesy of our interfacing expert — you know, the one who knows everything that there is to know about interfacing? Yep. She’s awesome. Have a question for her? Ask it! Just click here.

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Have you ever wondered which side of the interfacing is the fusible side? We get it… you’re somewhat new to interfacing (I was, too!!) and it’s confusing. Rather than play the guessing game and risk fusing your interfacing to your ironing board in place of the fabric, take a peek at our helpful hints.

1 — Generally speaking, the fusible side is usually the rough or shiny side of the interfacing.

2 — Most Pellon® fusibles have an adhesive dot on them. While a little difficult to see on the white products, you can normally feel them. Run your fingers over both sides of the interfacing. The side that feels a little rough, or raised, is the fusible side.
ex: 987F Fusible Fleece has a pronounced fusible side. The image on the left is the non-fusible side. The image on the right shows the fusible side. Note the little ‘dots’ that are clearly visible!

3 — There are a few products — ES114 Easy-Shaper® & 80 Craft-Fuse® — that have a spray adhesive rather than an adhesive dot. In these cases, the fusible side will appear shiny, rather than feeling rough or bumpy. If in doubt, cut a small piece of the interfacing and fuse it in between two layers of fabric or even a paper towel. This will help to confirm which side is fusible.

4 — A notable exception is the new Fuse-N-Tear™ Embroidery Backing. For this product, the fusible side is the smooth side.

5 —If, after reading everything above, you still have doubts, email us for a helping hand!

Happy Wednesday!!

2 thoughts on “Which Side Is Fusible?

  1. renee says:

    Hello bought pellon fusible sheerweight easy iron on appliciation confused the smooth side making a block with printed cloth picture of dog on top do i pin it and then put pellon wrongside iron with damp cloth? then i want too do tiny modern strips along the sides with tiny pieces of bones like he is dreaming etc please help me thanks so much never heard of useing a damp cloth on the back? gads love your site too renee

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