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Happy Tuesday sewing and quilting enthusiasts! We’ve got another fun introduction to inspire your week with a bit of creative exploration. Fabric Editions is proud to release Fabric Elements by Rebekah Meier, available in Jo-Ann stores beginning today, September 1st!

We’re particularly excited about the inclusion of a few Pellon® products in some of the Fabric Elements packages. Check out the Peltex/Lutradur combo, the Mini Paper Quilt Kit, and the batting package.

We were lucky enough to chat with designer Rebekah Meier to learn a little more about Fabric Elements, how it all came to be and what you can expect with the various packaged items in the line.

Pellon: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today!  
Rebekah: I am so happy to be here talking about mixed media and fabric art.

Pellon: Can you tell us a bit more about the Fabric Elements line and how it all came to be?
Rebekah: Sure!  
I have written five  books, two of them on mixed media and fabric art, Fabric Art Collage and More Fabric Art Collage.  In the books I give techniques for using traditional sewing and quilting supplies such as Peltex, batting, and other substrates in combination with traditional craft staples such as inks, dyes, and paint.  Once created the possibilities are endless as to how you can use them. Everything from art quilts to jewelry! The Fabric Elements line is based on these pieces and techniques. I started developing it last Spring, so in total, it took about 15 months!


Pellon: What was your goal with creating the line?  
Rebekah: To bring the products I use to the marketplace already packaged to take the burden of time they would need hunting down yardage and such at the store.  The Fabric Elements product line is designed and pre-packaged so the customer has everything in one place ready to go!

Pellon: What was the process of putting it all together like — did you create a variety of your own samples and go from there?
Rebekah: Oh yes!  It was fun experimenting with honing the techniques and pairing them with each substrate. I like creating samples the most, so it was pure fun for me. 

Pellon: How did the samples that you created help to craft the various packages?
Rebekah: I picked my favorite materials and substrates, and went from there.  I wanted versatility in the substrates and techniques.  


Pellon: How did you determine which products you wanted to include?
Rebekah: The fabrics, tissue papers, and stencils are designed by me.  Beyond that, it was hard picking my favorites, but I went with the products I use the most. Peltex® is an all time favorite. I love that it is thin, but also has strength, and it can be painted.  It is great for book covers, ATC’s (artist trading cards) and art quilts, just to name a few.  EZ Steam® II is also wonderful in that it is an adhesive for fabrics, paper, and excellent for my Fragile Fusion Technique.  No glue needed, just fuse them.  

Pellon: Do you have a favorite piece in the line?
I think it would be the fabric and tissue paper I designed for the program. The tissue comes in a pack with solid colors and printed design.  I am also a signature stencil designer with The Crafter’s Workshop.  I used a couple of my favorite stencil designs translated into tissue paper.

Pellon: What are your favorite projects that you’ve created using these products?
Rebekah: Pillows, journals, tags, wallets, and art quilts!

Pellon: Fabric Elements won an award back in January at the CHA conference – Congratulations!!   How has that adjusted expectations for the release?  
Rebekah: Thank you!   It has created a buzz and curiosity about the program.  People are very interested in adding new techniques and substrates to their artwork.  It was also incredibly rewarding to win the award.  Fabric Editions and I worked very hard to bring the Fabric Elements program to market.  So winning the award made us all feel great!  Being a CHA member opens up many avenues and ways to get the word out about a new product or product line.  The feedback has all been very positive.  The best is feedback is that the program is new, fresh, and adds another dimension to mixed media.  I designed the program for fabric lovers (quilter’s and sewing) interested in trying a new way to use supplies they are familiar with, and for crafter’s wishing to use fabric in their journals, scrapbook pages, and mixed media projects.

HUGE thanks to Rebekah for taking the time to chat with us:). We love learning a little more about the process behind these releases. It makes working with such fabulous products even more special!

About Fabric Elements:
Fabric Elements is a pre-cut line of fabrics designed by Rebekah Meier for mixed media collages It won the “Hot New Product” award at this year’s Craft and Hobby Mega (CHA) Show in the fabric & needlecraft category.  Fabric Elements is made up of 32 products, and includes 9 fabric substrates, 4 banners, flags and tags, 12 fat quarters, 6 embellishments including three stencils, tissue paper, and lace trims, and 3 kits. Additionally, the product line will include an exclusive step-by-step instruction book called “Techniques in Mixed Media” which showcases 12 collage techniques developed by artist, Rebekah Meier.

“Fabric Elements™ is a culmination of my experiments, favorite materials, and techniques.   It is a collection of my stencil and fabric designs with pre-packaged fiber goods — such as batting, felt, gauze, Lutradur®, and many others.  The collection is designed to work together with my techniques and instructions, creating endless mixed media and fiber art and projects. I love to take the ordinary — like quilt batting and interfacing — and combine them with paint and inks to elevate them into something extraordinary,” says the designer.

A Creative Challenge has been issued to members of the mixed media community through several well-known bloggers. The challenge involves taking elements from the program and creating collage works that can be  submitted via social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) using the hashtag #FabricElements. The Grand prize includes of 1 of each of all the Fabric Elements products PLUS a Sizzix “fabi” cutter with three die-cuts. The challenge runs from September 1 to September 24, 2015.

Fabric Elements products can be found in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores beginning September 1, 2015 in the quilt shop section for a limited time.

More images for a bit of extra inspiration:


About Rebekah:
Rebekah Meier is an award winning self taught mixed media artist, teacher, author, and product designer in both the craft and quilt industries.  She has a special interest in fabric and paper, combining both to create mixed media, collage and fiber art, which is evident in her award winning program Fabric Elements, and Stencil line with The Crafter’s Workshop.   Rebekah has a freeform and relaxed design philosophy, believing that when creating art, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.  She likes to incorporate many textures into her artwork which is represented in her best selling books, Fabric Art Collage, 40+ Mixed Media Techniques, and More Fabric Art Collage.  You can follow her at

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All images courtesy of Fabric Editions & Rebekah Meier. 

Rebekah Meier & Fabric Elements


The CHA Mega Show Marketplace opens today! Attendees won’t want to miss the Fabric Editions booth (#2013), which will be busy with make-it take-its and full of info about the launch of Fabric Elements, a brand new partnership with renowned mixed media artist, Rebekah Meier!

We are SO excited about this one… mainly because we love Fabric Editions, think Rebekah is simply amazing, and there are a handful of Pellon® products included!


Rebekah based the product line upon her Fabric Art Collage books and techniques. The products are incredibly versatile and were designed to fit the creative needs of both the novice and the experienced crafter, mixed media enthusiast, collage maker (both fabric and paper combined), scrapbooker, art quilter and fiber artist.


The product line is made up of 32 items, though retailers can pick and choose the product story that suits their consumer. In the line are 9 fabric substrates (including Peltex®/Lutradur®!), 12 cotton fat quarters, 6 embellishment items including three stencils, tissue paper, and lace trims, and 3 self-contained kits (one includes EZ-Steam® II and one includes 806 Stitch-N-Tear®!). Additionally, the product line will launch with an exclusive technique book by Rebekah Meier showing her latest mixed-media projects and step by step instructions using these fabrics.


The line was nominated to the CHA’s Hot Products for 2015 in the Fabric/Craft category. Winners will be announced at the CHA Foundation Gala on Sunday, January 11, so we’ll keep you posted!

CHA attendees: Stop by the Fabric Editions booth (#2013) for a chance to play with the Fabric Elements line under Rebekah’s expert instruction. The Make-it Take-its will cover the design and construction of Fabric Tags, using Pellon® 72F Peltex® II Ultra-Firm 2-Sided Fusible as a base.

12-1-14 make and take model 2015 2

On Monday, Rebekah will lead a Workshop for Mixed Media Banners. Students will use products from the Fabric Elements line in addition to our new and improved Pellon® EZ-Steam® II Sheets!

12-29-14 Fragile Fusion Technique - banner

Make-It Take-It Sessions — Fabric Editions booth #2013
Saturday: 11:30am & 3:30pm
Sunday: 11:30am & 3:30pm
Monday: 3:30pm

Mixed Media Flags Workshop — Classroom #W1501
Monday: 11:30 (sign up here)

If you’re not at CHA, have no fear! You’ll have access to all of these fabulous new products soon! As always, find your favorite Pellon® products at your favorite local quilt shop or craft & hobby store.

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About Rebekah Meier: Rebekah Meier is a mixed media artist, teacher, author and designer. She has a special interest in fabric and paper, combining both to create collage and fiber art. Rebekah has a freeform and relaxed design philosophy, believing that when creating art, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. She likes to incorporate many textures into her artwork which is represented in her best-selling books, Fabric Art Collage and More Fabric Art Collage.

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About Fabric Editions, Inc.: Fabric Editions, Inc., established in 1986, is an innovative leader of pre-cut fabrics in the sewing and crafting markets. Known throughout the world for fashion-forward textile designs in yardage and pre-cut fabric collections.

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