Pellon® Batting for All!

Our big news for Market? Pellon Nature’s Touch® & Quilter’s Touch® Batting will now be available to all domestic distributors! It’s the same great Legacy by Pellon Batting you’re used to, but now under the Pellon name. Products will be available to ship on October 28! What does this mean for you? Quite simply, it means that you’ll now be able to grab Pellon batting at your local quilt shop, through your preferred distributor, or at your go-to online fabric shop. Pretty cool, right? 


We’ll be updating our website just after market with all of the details, but for now, here is a quick list of the varieties available:

  • Nature’s Touch 100% Natural Cotton, w/Scrim
  • Nature’s Touch 100% Natural Cotton, no Scrim
  • Wrap-N-Zap
  • Nature’s Touch 100% Bleached Cotton, w/Scrim
  • Nature’s Touch Eco-Cotton Reprocessed 70/30, w/Scrim
  • Nature’s Touch Natural Blend 80/20, w/Scrim
  • Nature’s Touch Natural Blend 80/20, no Scrim
  • Nature’s Touch 60/40 Polyester Blend, w/Scrim
  • Nature’s Touch 50/50 Bamboo/Cotton Blend, w/Scrim
  • Quilter’s Touch 100% Polyester-Thermal Bonded Fine Denier Siliconized Blend
  • Quilter’s Touch 100% Polyester-Thermal Bonded: Low, Medium, & High Loft
  • Nature’s Touch Wool – Thermal bonded & Super Washed

To get you in the mood for creating, we’ve got a very simple, but super cute little Holiday Table Runner Tutorial. This one is so easy that it could be quilted up on Christmas morning and ready by dinner. Not that we’re suggesting you do that, but still! 😉 Enjoy!

HolidayTableRunner4 copy

Holiday Table Runner

— 1/4 yard each of six different coordinating holiday fabrics
— 1/2 yard fabric for backing
— 1/4 yard fabric for binding
— One Throw-Sized package Pellon® N-60 Nature’s Touch® 100% All Natural Cotton Batting
— Thread
— Sewing Machine & Related Supplies
— Rotary Cutter & Related Supplies

This project uses ¼” seams throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Step 1 – Cutting instructions:
Cut 14” long strips of varying widths from all six coordinating fabrics. The number of strips depends on desired finished table runner length.

Cut one rectangle of batting that is 14” x (desired table runner length + 2”)

Cut one rectangle of backing fabric that is 14” x (desired table runner length + 2”)

Step 2 – Press all fabrics to remove any creases.


Step 3 – Arrange strips as desired.


Step 4 – Place batting rectangle on a work surface. Place first strip of fabric at one end so that it extends beyond the batting on both sides. Quilt as desired.

Step 5 – Place a second strip of fabric on top with right sides together so that interior raw edges align. Sew, fold over so that second strip is right side up and press. Topstitch and quilt as desired.


Step 6 – Repeat Step 5 until all strips are quilted to the batting rectangle.



Step 7 – Place the quilted rectangle on a work surface, right side down. Square up edges.



Step 8 – Place quilted rectangle wrong sides together with backing fabric and cut backing fabric to size. Pin.



Step 9 – To secure backing to table runner top, stich-in-the-ditch along every third fabric strip. Remove pins.


Step 9 – To create binding, cut 3” x WOF (width of fabric) strips from binding fabric. Place ends of two strips so that right sides are together and strips are perpendicular to each other. Pin. Draw a line in the overlapped square from the lower left hand corner to the upper right hand corner as shown below. Sew along the drawn line. Trim seam allowance to ¼”, fold so that strip is continuous and press seam open. Repeat process to create binding that is at least 10” longer than the perimeter of the table runner.



Step 10 – Bind quilt to finish.





HolidayTableRunner2 copy

Happy Quilting!


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