Lined Serving Tray


The word on the street is that Flex-Foam™ is the ‘belle of the ball’! We’ve been having so much fun with this product. It’s sturdy yet pliable and so easy to sew! There are so many things to make with Flex-Foam — from handbags to pet mats, lunch bags to changing pads, nap mats to baskets… the sky is really the limit. What would you make?

Available varieties & put-ups:
Flex-Foam Sew-in
20″ x 10yd board (FF77), 60″ x 10yd roll (FF77R10), 20″ x 60″ package (FF776020P)

Flex-Foam 1-Sided Fusible
20″ x 10yd board (FF78F1), 60″ x 10yd roll (FF78F1R), 20″ x 60″ package (FF78F16020P)

Flex-Foam 2-Sided Fusible
20″ x 10yd board (FF79F2), 60″ x 10yd roll (FF79F2R), 20″ x 60″ package (FF79F26020P)

We’ve got another quickie project for you today — a little something to spice up that plain old serving tray you’ve been holding on to. Use our Flex-Foam 2-Sided Fusible and Vinyl Fuse to give it some pizzazz… some personality!


lined serving tray

— 2 coordinating fat quarters for top and bottom
— ¼ yard coordinating fabric for binding (or pre-packaged binding)
— 1 yard Pellon® FF79F2 Flex-Foam™ 2-Sided Fusible Interfacing
— 1 pkg  Pellon® 100R Vinyl-Fuse™
— Rotary cutter, sewing machine & related supplies
— Iron & ironing surface

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application of all interfacing. All seams ¼” unless otherwise indicated. RS = Right Side; WS = Wrong Side.


Step 1 – Measure the interior of the serving tray. Add a ½” to each measurement.

Step 2 – Use measurement to cut one piece each of top and bottom fabrics and Flex-Foam 2-Sided Fusible and two pieces of Vinyl-Fuse.

Step 3 – Place one fabric rectangle RS down on an ironing surface followed by the Flex-Foam 2-Sided Fusible. Place remaining fabric rectangle RS up on top. Fuse.



Step 4 – Remove paper backing from one piece of Vinyl-Fuse. Carefully place it on the RS of top fabric. Smooth to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. Fuse, taking extra care not to touch the iron to the Vinyl-Fuse.




Step 5 – Repeat with the remaining piece of Vinyl-Fuse on opposite side.


Step 6 – Bind insert.



Step 7 – Place inside serving tray.


Happy Sewing!


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