Packaged Flex-Foam™!!

We’ve almost been having too much fun with Flex-Foam™. Is that possible? From the release of the sew-in earlier this year to the release of the Fusibles (both 1-Sided and 2-Sided) last month, to the addition of 60″ rolls… and now? Packaged Flex-Foam!! That’s right, we’ve now got a little something for everyone. Need a full 60″ roll for a plethora of projects? We’ve got that. Need a quick 20″ x 60″ package for a few weekend crafts? No problem.


Flex-Foam Sew-in
20″ x 10yd board (FF77), 60″ x 10yd roll (FF77R10), 20″ x 60″ package (FF776020P)

Flex-Foam 1-Sided Fusible
20″ x 10yd board (FF78F1), 60″ x 10yd roll (FF78F1R), 20″ x 60″ package (FF78F16020P)

Flex-Foam 2-Sided Fusible
20″ x 10yd board (FF79F2), 60″ x 10yd roll (FF79F2R), 20″ x 60″ package (FF79F26020P)


If you’re at International Quilt Market this weekend in Houston, TX, make sure to stop by our booth to get a closer look. We’ll have some samples on hand and are there to answer any questions you might have.

Oh — and just in case you needed a little extra inspiration, we’ve got a perfect weekend project all ready to go! The Succulent Wall Planter is quick, easy and a super cute way to put some of those mini-succulents on display. Scroll down for the full tutorial and drop us a line if you have any questions!


Succulent Wall PlanterS

SUPPLIES & TOOLS (makes three planters)
— Six 4-1/2” x 4” fabric rectangles for exterior
— Six 4-1/2” x 4” rectangle for interior
— Two 2” x 2-1/2” rectangle for hanging sleeve.
— Six 4” x 3-1/2” rectangle Pellon® FF78F1 Flex-Foam™ 1-Sided Fusible Interfacing
— Six 4-1/2” x 4” rectangles Pellon® 100 Vinyl-Fuse™
— Two 2” x 2-1/2” rectangle Pellon® SF101 Shape-Flex®
— 1 pkg Pellon® EZ2-40T EZ-Steam® II Tape (Optional)
— One stick or dowel
— Twine or Ribbon
— Rotary cutter, sewing machine & related supplies
— Iron & ironing surface

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application of all interfacing. All seams ¼” unless otherwise indicated. RS = Right Side; WS = Wrong Side.


Step 1 – Center one Flex-Foam 1-Sided Fusible rectangle on the WS of one exterior fabric rectangle and fuse. Repeat for remaining exterior fabric rectangle.


Step 2 – Remove the paper backing from one Vinyl-Fuse rectangle and carefully finger press the sticky side to the RS of the interior fabric rectangle. Fuse. Repeat for remaining interior fabric rectangle.




Step 3 – Place the Shape-Flex rectangle against the WS of the 2” x 2-1/2” fabric rectangle and fuse.

Step 4 – Place exterior rectangles RS together and pin. Place interior rectangles RS together and pin. Trace and cut a 1” notch in the lower left and right hand corners of both the exterior and interior units.




Step 5 – Sew along the sides and bottom of the units, locking stitches at each end, leaving one long end open.

Step 6 – Open the notched corners on each unit, pinch in to align raw edges and match seams. Pin and sew.



Step 7 – Turn exterior RS out, push out corners and straighten. Fold top edge in by ¼” and press.


Step 8 – Fold top edge of interior down to the outside by ¼” and finger press.


Step 9 – Place interior inside exterior and match top folded edges. Set aside.

Step 10 – Fold the long sides of the 2” x 2-1/2” rectangle in by ¼” and press to create a 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” rectangle. Topstitch along the folded edges.


Step 11 – Fold in half to create a 1-1/4” x 1-1/2” piece. Press fold.


Step 12 – Insert raw edges in between top long side of the exterior and interior pieces so that only ¾” is exposed. Pin.


Step 13 – Topstitch around entire top. Straighten and press. (Alternate method: Handstitch to finish or use EZ-Steam II Tape to secure pieces.)



Step 14 – Repeat full process to create remaining planters.

Step 15 – Insert stick or dowel through the hanging sleeves and arrange as desired.

Step 16 – Tie twine or ribbon to both ends of the stick or dowel to finish.


Happy Sewing!


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