The ‘I’m Missing Market Giveaway’ — Minneapolis!!


Market starts today and thousands of industry creatives will descend upon the Minneapolis Convention Center for Spring Quilt Market. But the rest of us? We’re at work, at home, running errands… scrolling longingly through the endless Instagram posts showcasing carefully constructed booths, brand new fabric collections, hot new products and more. Don’t get too green with envy! We’ve teamed up with Aurifil & Moda Fabrics to bring you a fab giveaway that will help chase away those ‘Missing Market’ blues!

 The prize includes:

To enter-to-win, simply click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page or click on the image below. Entries will be accepted from now through 5pm Central time on May 17th! Good luck, have fun, and happy creating!!



136 thoughts on “The ‘I’m Missing Market Giveaway’ — Minneapolis!!

  1. Paula says:

    I’ve never been to Quilt Market and much and all as I would love to think I might get there in the future I think that given the cost of travelling there from Europe family vacations will always take priority and win when it comes to my free time and my wallet.

  2. Corinnea says:

    Several years ago I went to the spring market in Portland to purchase fabric for the MWR facility I worked at in Germany. It was such a fantastic experience.

  3. gator1378 says:

    I’ve never got to quilt market yet, but I plan on saving cash to be able to one day in the future! They are all so far from me.

  4. Janequiltsslowly says:

    Never been to quilt market. I’d love to be enough of an insider to get a chance to go. Love Pellon for all my bag projects. Also this blog post title has me singing: Well I’ve never been to Spain . . .😀

  5. Hayley says:

    I’ve never been to quilt market and I can’t imagine a scenario under which I would go, but you never know….

  6. Aimee says:

    As a relatively new quilter, I have only been introduced to Quilt Market this year & not been able to attend. I do enjoy seeing all the lovely pictures that have been popping up around social media!

  7. Gwen says:

    I unfortunately haven’t been able to attend the Quilt Market. I see I’m missing a lot of opportunities such as getting Canyon early!! I want to make a Summer quilt for my bedroom with Canyon. By the time I get it, Summer will be over! 😦 Thanks for such a great, and generous giveaway!

  8. maggielou says:

    I went to a fall market in Houston Tx several years ago. I am going to go again this year if I can. I love the market

  9. Jane says:

    I love quilt market and am missing this year. I usually attend with my daughter The Cottage Mama. But we are skipping this year due to her new baby!!

  10. MaryMargaret says:

    I have not ever been to Quilt Market…maybe someday! Thanks for such a crazy-good giveaway to lessen our sadness! 😉

  11. Adrian Holcomb says:

    Fall 2014 was my first time going to market, and I’m hoping to go back this fall. I would love to go to Spring Market .

    • Lori Millsap says:

      Yes…Charlotte, 1995. Twenty years ago!!! It was fun, and it was the last time I saw my dear Alaska friends.

  12. Karin says:

    I usually go to fall market but this one looks like so much fun!. You cannot describe how inspiring market is!

  13. Peggy says:

    Hi – I’ve never been to quilt market, but I’d be afraid if I did go, I’d have to sell my house to pay for all of the goodies I picked up.

  14. Lauren says:

    i have never been to quilt market. I work for my local quilt shop and was invited by my boss but unfortunately i couldn’t go. Maybe when it comes back to the east coast i can go. i love seeing what my coworkers bring back and hearing about it. i also love the photo frenzy on social media of quilt market. Looks like fun!

  15. Phoebe Chow says:

    I’ve never been to market–only virtually this year! Looks like tons of fun. Also, thanks for this giveaway! I’ve been interested in getting more peeks of Canyon ever since I saw Kate Spain’s 1st instagram post on it. The colors are beautiful–just what I like!

  16. Kelly G says:

    I have never been to quilt market. In fact, I am new to quilting and love it. Hopefully one day I will make it there!

  17. JoyceLM says:

    I’ve never been to Quilt Market, but last year my 3 sisters & I met up in Houston for the International Quilt Festival which took place right after Quilt Market. Thanks.

  18. Samantha Dayton says:

    💕💕I have never been to quilt market, BUT apparently they have one in Columbus Ohio similar, so next year I hope to attend. Fabric is such a huge part in my life that to meet the designers I love is akend to meeting a celebrity hahaha. So as a small business owner selling quilts this giveaway is amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity 💕💕

  19. Gayle Fahrion says:

    I’ve, sadly, never been. I recently switched to Pellon batting and I’m absolutely loving it. Plus, I’m giving a presentation at my guild meeting on Tuesday that will feature another Pellon project. You guys make sewing more fun! Thanks

  20. Summer says:

    I’m just a home quilter, so I doubt I’ll ever get to Quilt Market. I do read a lot of blogs that show pics from market and talk about the experience. It really makes me want to be there!

  21. Angie Pendleton says:

    I have been to market once. It was on my “bucket list” and a friend made my dreams come true! It was in Portland 2 years ago…it was amazing, glorious, and I walked around with a big goofy smile on my face for the whole time!

  22. Julie Little says:

    Never been to a quilt market. I could kick myself because a few years ago I was in Houston during quilt market. Maybe sometime

  23. Liz H says:

    I’ve never been to Quilt Market, though I love the idea of someday doing enough pattern work to qualify for entry!

  24. Martha says:

    I have never been to Quilt Market. I have been to the International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, California though. So much fun.

  25. Tammy Westfahl says:

    I have been to Quilt Market. I’m missing this Market because I’m in the 3rd trimester of a high risk pregnancy. I’m living vicariously through everyone’s experiences online.

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