Love & Stitches

Amid the flurry of Valentine’s Day preparations, we wanted to take a moment to share a little love with YOU. That’s right, you’ve been busy baking, buying flowers, making valentines for the kiddos, writing love notes, sewing gifts and being generally awesome and we’ve been busy thinking up fabulous ways to appreciate it all. We came up with Love & Stitches — a free project by the incredibly talented Rachael Gander of imagine gnats AND a giveaway including drool-worth goodies from Pellon, Aurifil & the imagine gnats fabric shop.

Hop on over to Rachael’s blog to grab the step-by-step for how to make the sweet Valentine pictured below. It’s super simple and cute to boot. We love that the design also pays homage to National Embroidery Month! *sigh* We {heart} Rachael.

xoxo-embroidered-valentine-horizThe goodies:


Did we say drool-worthy? Win this and you’ll be set for any and all embroidery projects you might have on your to-do list. To enter, simply follow this link and work some Rafflecopter magic. Best of luck to all you love-birds and hugs from us for a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Giveaway is open until 11:59pm EST on Friday, February 13th. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Saturday, February 14. Open to all of our International friends!


Psssst — here’s my card 🙂 I didn’t have any cardstock, so I used a little Peltex®, some background fabric, and a bit of quilting instead. Loving the way it turned out!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! (Erin)

52 thoughts on “Love & Stitches

  1. Rosemary says:

    Thanks for the chance to win some great “goodies.” Valentine’s Day we are avoiding the restaurant rush and I’m cooking, along with the help of my spouse for my daughter and two of her friends as going out is out of the question!

  2. Susan says:

    Anything (even just a phone call) that tells me that I am thought of and loved. But I must admit I do love the flowers and specially picked card from my husband – his usual way to remind me how much he loves me.

  3. Angelia L. says:

    My husband and I don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day…..we believe everyday is Valentine’s Day. 😀 But since it is the anniversary of our engagement we do like to go out for a nice dinner!

  4. Alice Gatto says:

    I love to receive kisses or a visit from my grandchildren. Chocolate runs a close second to the visit/kisses…. I love to make them little valentine gifts or cards.

    Thanks for the chance to win the goodies.,
    Alice Gatto

  5. Brenda J. Moore says:

    As I’m a single….I LOVE the time and fun of putting crafts together with my previous neighbours, three youngsters. They seem to love it too!

    • Cat says:

      I’m single too! I’m spending the day with a wonderful couple. Jan and |I will sew all day and Steve, her husband will make dinner for the three of us!

  6. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    Valentine’s Day usually takes a back seat in our family, because it’s my Mother’s birthday!
    But, if we’re talking Valentine’s day between sweethearts, a card and maybe some flowers would be very nice.

  7. Michele Fetter says:

    A day of quilting with no interruptions and dinner out with my understanding, sweet husband and our newest passion on Netflix House of Cards.

  8. Ingrid Echard says:

    Time to spend with my husband is my favorite gift. We have 4 small children and it is hard to find time for each other sometimes

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