A Handmade Holiday 2013 — Christmas HST Zip Pouch


Zippy pouches have to be one of the most versatile gifts around. They can be made in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for everyone on your list! They can hold makeup or money, small treasures or a single gift. A zippy pouch can double as a small clutch and I’ll admit that my step-dad actually requested one to hold all of his device chargers and cords. They are quick sew projects, so if you’re looking for a last minute gift that could easily be constructed over this weekend, look no further! Emily Lang of Mommy’s Nap Time has put together an easy-to-follow tutorial for this Christmas Half Square Triangle Zip Pouch. Afraid of working with zippers? She makes it easy! Never worked with HSTs before? She gives some great tips! So what are you waiting for? Someone on your list needs a little zip pouch;).



Christmas HST Zip Pouch
This pouch is perfect for a sister, friend or child. It is just the right size to carry make-up, pencils, medicine, or a child’s special treasures. At 5-1/2” x 8”, you can tuck this pouch into a purse or schoolbag to carry your things in style.

Materials List
— 1/4 yard Outer fabric
— 1/4 yard Lining fabric
— Scraps of several fabrics for Half Square Triangles
— One 7-1/2” x 4-1/2” rectangle Pellon® 820 Quilter’s Grid™
— 1/4 yard Pellon® 987F Fusible Fleece

Tools List
— Sewing machine and related supplies
— Rotary cutter and related supplies
— Water soluble marking pen

For a free downloadable pdf of this pattern, visit the project page here. We’d love to see what you make, so be sure to post a photo on our Facebook page OR share with our ‘Made with Pellon®‘ flickr group!




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emilylangEmily is a wife, mother, and part-time bookseller. She started quilting as a way to create something that would stay done while her daughter napped as an infant, and while she is now past the napping age quilting is here to stay.Most of Emily’s sewing happens in the late hours of the night (early morning)when she has the house to herself. In quilting, she has found community and away of expressing herself. She has a love affair with shrinking complex quilt blocks down to teeny tiny sizes and can’t get enough of the bold saturated colors found in modern fabrics. To learn more about Emily, check out her website, Mommy’s Nap Time.

Find Emily online:
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4 thoughts on “A Handmade Holiday 2013 — Christmas HST Zip Pouch

  1. Ceil says:

    So what you’re saying is that you don’t want to include the (recessed) zipper piece when you sew the side? Okay, I understand that.

    • erin @ pellon says:

      Hi Ceil — I just sent you an email as well. I heard back from the designer and this is how she described it:

      Step 21 is to baste the area just past the covered ends of the zipper (since the zipper unit is 1″ shorter than the rest of the pouch pieces – it keeps the lining and outer pieces from shifting too much while sewing around the rest of the pouch. I do this by machine and the trick is to not sew through those fabric covered ends of the zipper unit (which could cause excess puckering in your finished pouch). If you reference the photo at the bottom of page 5 of the download, the basting stitches will be right where the two red binding clips are. 🙂 I hope this helps. If this step is skipped it won’t necessarily mess up the end pouch, but it certainly helps to make the zip ends tidier in the end product.

    • erin @ pellon says:

      I can see how that step would be confusing! I see if we can reword it. Essentially, you want to baste the the zipper ends, so that everything stays in place, but you don’t actually want to see over the zipper itself. Does that help? I will also forward your note to the designer so that she can offer tips as needed:). Happy sewing! — Erin at Pellon

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