A Handmade Holiday 2013 — Quilted Leather


Today’s first project is an excellent tutorial on how to use our Fashion Fuse™ to help stabilize leather so that it can be quilted. Heather “Feather” Paulsen of Feather’s Flights made herself a killer jacket using her technique and we’re all wishing we could whip one up for ourselves — maybe before New Year’s?;)


One of the season’s big trends is quilted leather! Use Fashion Fuse™ to add shape to clothing or add a quilted detail to any project.

Materials Needed
— Leather, faux leather, or vinyl
Pellon® 420 Fashion Fuse™
— Sewing Pattern that includes leather (Heather used a leather jacket)
— Sewing machine & related supplies
— Iron and ironing board

Cut out the leather using the pattern pieces. Cut out the Fashion Fuse™ for the pieces that the pattern recommends.


Place the leather right side down. Place the fusible side of the Fashion Fuse™ against the wrong side of the leather.


Fuse following manufacturer’s instructions. TIP: You can tell when the interfacing has fused when the dots are more visible on the non-fusible side of the Fashion Fuse™. In the image below, you’ll notice that the dots are not clearly visible on the left un-fused side.


The Fashion Fuse™ won’t retain as strong a bond with a Vinyl material, but it will hold long enough for you to baste the materials together.


The Fashion Fuse™ also fuses well to other fabrics. Heather had much success using it with a Fleece for an area of the jacket lining.


Sew lines of stitching onto the leather or vinyl pieces to give it a quilted look. The Fashion Fuse™ gives strength to the leather or vinyl and makes it more durable without changing the hand of the material.


Assemble the rest of the project and admire your work!




What leather project are you excited about making this holiday season?


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heatherpaulsenHeather got interested in sewing in high school, but says she didn’t know what she was doing. She studied clothing construction in college while working at a tailor shop, and she combines the two different perspectives while she sews. Heather loves sewing for her son, her husband, and herself.

Find Heather online:

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