Fashion Fuse Design Challenge :: Baron Von Guano


Every once in a while, we like to change things up;). You may remember that we posted about one of our specialty products, 420 Fashion Fuse™, a few weeks back. It featured a zipped clutch tutorial and was meant to serve as an introduction to a product that may have previously been unknown to many of you. Rather than leave it there, we thought we’d have a little fun. We created a Fashion Fuse™ Design Challenge and enlisted 5 of our super talented Project Designers to join in.

To start things off, I took a trip to my local Jo-Ann in Portland, ME. I went straight to the faux leather/faux fur sections and had a blast choosing a variety of different materials. I ran home, assembled my selections into 5 little care packages that each included a few yards of Pellon® 420 Fashion Fuse™ and sent the packages off to our 5 willing designers. None of the designers knew what they’d be getting, so the fun was in waiting to see what they would create. I’ve loved seeing the projects filter in and am SO super excited to share them all with all of you. We’ve got a few with a Halloween theme and a few with a fashion flair. All are fabulous and all are easy to create with a little help from our Fashion Fuse™.

Our very first project comes from Stephanie Woody of Providence Handmade. She thought outside the box and created a spooky plaque, perfect for your Halloween Home Décor, or even a year round kitschy home addition. May we present… (drum roll please) Baron Von Guano!!


Baron Von Guano
With a nod to taxidermied animals who tend to be a little spooky, this fun little plush bat will fit right in with your Halloween décor. If you do not want to mount him to a wood plaque, use fishing line and let him fly from your ceiling.

Materials Needed
— 1/4 yard Faux Fur
— 1/4 yard Faux Leather
— 1/2 yard Pellon® 420 Fashion Fuse™
— 1/3 yard Pellon® 72F Peltex® II
— 1 package Pellon® Basic Fill
— One 9″ x 13-1/2″ Wood Plaque
— Sandpaper
— Gold Spray Paint
— Heavy Duty Adhesive or Hot Glue
— Glue Stick or Double Sided Tape
— Black Thread

Tools Needed
— Sewing Machine & Related Supplies

For a free downloadable pdf of this pattern, visit the project page here. We’d love to see what you make, so be sure to post a photo on our Facebook page OR share with our ‘Made with Pellon®‘ flickr group!

Stay tuned for more projects!! We’ll be posting one a day every day this week!

Monday — Stephanie Woody
Tuesday — Vanessa Lynch
Wednesday — Kelley Gilbert (Designer Profile Coming Soon!)
Thursday — Kara Sanders
Friday — Anjeanette Klinder

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stephaniewoodyStephanie crafts to stay sane. Her background as an interior designer lends itself nicely to decorating anything that stands still with handmade items. What started as a hobby 9 years ago has blossomed into an incredibly fulfilling creative journey which she documents on her blog at

Find Stephanie Online:


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