Dear Dad :: Classy Cozy


We’re loving the project in today’s guest post;). What dad doesn’t need a cozy to keep his Summer beverage cool? Project Designer Giselle LaFrance developed this handy Classy Cozy to keep your beer, seltzer, or soda safe and cool all Summer long. Use Dad’s favorite colors or try an applique of his favorite sports team. It’s a guaranteed win!

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The Classy Cozy
Class up your bevvies! Summer is here and we gotta keep those cold drinks cold. This simple project could easily be done in under an hour, and is completely customizable! You can embellish the outsides with appliqué or embroidery, and finish the edges with a hand stitch, zig zag, or leave as is.A great take away gift for a summer gathering and perfect for Fathers Day!

Supplies Needed:
— Pellon® 987F Fusible Fleece (optional: Use Pellon® 975 Insul-Fleece™ for extra insulation!)
— Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under®
— 1/4 yard of fabric (inner & outer)
— 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper (optional: Use Pellon® 830 Easy-Pattern™)
— Ruler
— Pins
— Scissors
— Iron
— Sewing Machine & Related Supplies
— Beverage of your choice!


Sample used fabrics from:
Sabine Reinhart for Blend Fabrics Magic Garden Collection
Ana Davis for Blend Fabrics Spring Promise Collection

Let’s Get Started!

1. Find the center of your piece of paper by folding in half horizontally. Open and fold again vertically. Open.


2. Place can in center of paper and trace around the bottom. Fold your paper in half so that you can see the circle on the outside.

3. Using your ruler draw a straight line across the top of the circle.


4. Draw a line 1-1/2″ in from the edge of the paper on both long sides. Open paper up and cut out template so that it matches the image shown. This is your cozy pattern!

Putting it all together:

5. Using your pattern as a guide, cut out pieces of the Fusible Fleece and lining fabric.


6. Place the rough side of the Fusible Fleece against the wrong side of the lining fabric and fuse, following manufacturer’s instructions. Set aside.


7. Cut a rectangle of outer fabric & Wonder-Under® roughly the same size as your pattern.


8. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse outer fabric to Wonder-Under®. Let cool and then remove the paper-backing.


9. Place the Wonder-Under® side of the lining piece against the Fusible Fleece side of the outer piece matching borders and fuse, following manufacturer’s instructions.


10. Cut outer borders to match those of the lining.

11. Get creative! Finish the edges with a blanket stitch, a zig-zag or leave as is. Embellish the outside with appliqué or embroidery.

12. Fold the cozy up with outside rectangles together (circle will appear folded in half at the bottom). Sew down each side using a 1/2″ seam allowance.


13. Open up the sides and hand stitch down all four inner edges, making sure not to go through to the outside.


14. Put a beer in it! Or a cold beverage of your choice:).


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Thanks so much to Giselle for sharing this great project idea!!

About Giselle:
Giselle hails from the great state of Maine where she works from her beautiful studio in the heart of Portland’s Arts district. Her passion is creating industrial fashion and accessories melded with elements of fantasy.

Find Giselle Online:


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