Dear Dad :: Gridded Tee


Today’s project comes in the way of a guest post from fab Pellon® Project Designer, Lindsay Conner. Lindsay oversees the magic at Lindsay Sews, co-founded popular blog Craft Buds, and also works with Craft Foxes.

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Need a quick, handmade gift idea for the man in your life this Father’s Day? This freestyle reverse applique T-shirt is a unique way to upcycle a T-shirt! Using Pellon® 820 Quilter’s Grid™ as your base, you can sew accurate squares and rectangles in any pattern you’d like. Try Tetris blocks or a Space Invaders look for a geek chic tee.

You’ll Need:

– One pre-loved T-shirt, with or without writing
– Large scrap of jersey fabric for reverse applique (or cut from another T-shirt)
Pellon® 820 Quilter’s Grid™ just smaller than your T-shirt front (optional: You could also use Pellon® 810 Tru-Grid™ in conjunction with pins or spray baste)

1. Cut a rectangle of jersey fabric that is about 2″ to 3″ smaller than your T-shirt front on all sides.

2. Cut a piece of Pellon® 820 Quilter’s Grid™ that is the same size as your jersey fabric. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the jersey with an iron.

3. Turn your T-shirt wrong side out. Pin the jersey square to the T-shirt so the interfacing is facing you. Make sure you are pinning to the side you wish to reverse applique. Tip: You can spray baste or baste with safety pins if you’d like to prevent the jersey from shifting.

4. With the T-shirt still turned wrong side out, stitch over the grid design in any pattern you’d like. Trace around sections to create squares or rectangles, smoothing out the jersey fabric as you go so as not to introduce any wrinkles.

5. When you have stitched a section, turn the shirt right side out. Pinch the T-shirt fabric inside the rectangle, making sure not to grab the jersey fabric behind it. Snip a hole into the center of the top fabric only with your scissors. Widen the hole by cutting a line lengthwise down the section.

6. Cut away the T-shirt close to the edge of your stitch line, going all around the perimeter.

7. Continue stitching along the grid lines as desired, cutting out sections of the T-shirt to reveal the jersey beneath.

8. To add another design element, you can take some of your T-shirt scraps and raw-edge applique them to the front of your shirt.

Upcycle a T-shirt for dad, your kids or yourself with this easy reverse applique technique!


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Thanks so much to Lindsay for sharing this great project idea!!

About Lindsay:
Lindsay Conner loves to design quilts and handmade clothing and accessories.  She lives in Indiana with her husband and two loveable cats, and her work has been published in Stitch (coming soon-winter 2012!), One-Yard Wonders and several spots online. When she’s not sewing, Lindsay enjoys spending time with good friends, traveling and blogging. You can follow her craft ventures at Lindsay Sews and Craft Buds.

Find Lindsay online:
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