A Helping Hand…


When disasters occur, it’s often hard to know where to begin, what to do. Worry, fear and heartache can be paralyzing. We’ve all seen the news reels on the recent tornado activity that has affected Moore, Oklahoma and it’s neighboring counties. The footage is heart-wrenching and the devastation unthinkable… Particularly when there are children involved. The collapse of the elementary school left many wondering what could be done, how the families could be helped. In the face of such hard times it’s helpful to know that there are organizations that are built to respond, to offer immediate support and care. Quilts For Kids, Inc. is one of those incredible organizations.

An exemplary organization, Quilts for Kids consistently rallies their forces of volunteers to make comforting quilts. They donate their works of beauty to those in need, in this case to children who have lost everything.


Linda Arye, Founder and President, has been working directly with the Oklahoma DHS (Department of Human Services). They have access to the local children in need. Because of the tornados, many of them have lost their favorite stuffed animals, their favorite grandma-made quilts, and even have no bed to sleep on. Quilts for Kids has been hard at work and now each child will have a patchwork quilt to provide comfort, warmth and to wrap them up in a big warm hug.


Through their partnership with P&G and the Downy Touch of Comfort Program, Quilts for Kids was able to donate 1,500 quilts to injured children currently housed in Oklahoma hospitals.  The charity has many connections and is using them to make certain that all donated quilts get to where they belong.quiltsforkids2

There are other towns in the neighboring areas of Moore, OK that have been badly hit but are not getting as much press.  Quilts are still badly needed.


We hope that you’ll be able to help. There are still children waiting for that hug from you. Please send a quilt (lap or crib size is fine). You can donate to:

Quilts For Kids, Inc.
494 Lincoln Hwy
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

If you are local to Oklahoma, you may also want to check in with The Stitching Post. With three locations in The Village, Moore, and Oklahoma City, this local business has been working hard to help and have been in close contact with Quilts for Kids.

For more information or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Quilts for Kids directly via email at info@quiltsforkids.org or via phone at 215-295-5484.


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