Retread Your Threads: Triangle Tee


In the spirit of Earth month, we’re hoping to post a handful of fun, quick & easy tutorials for how to use something old + a little bit of Pellon® to make something brand new! You’ll see new posts from designer Jenelle Montilone of TrashN2Tees every Monday and we’ll pepper in a few more throughout the week;). Have fun and happy re-purposing!!


The Triangle Tee

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 T-Shirt (I used a Men’s size L tee so that I could size down)
  • Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under®
  • Fabric Scraps (I used three different patterns)
  • Sewing Machine & Related Supplies


— Start by turning your tee inside out. Try it on and, using pins, make marks where you’ll need to alter the sleeves, the sides and the bottom.

— Lay the t-shirt out on a flat surface. Using the pins as a guide, draw lines along the sleeves and down the sides of the tee. I like to pin the shirt in place along the lines to prevent shifting. Cut a band off the bottom of the tee about 1” below the mark. This will be hemmed later.

— Sew along the lines, backstitching at the start and finish to secure the stitches.

— Cut off the excess material about a ¼” outside the stitched line.

— Pin the neckline together, making sure to line up the shoulder seams. Draw a line for your neckline. I did a ‘V’, but you could also do a scoop neck, a boat neck, or a wider crew. Cut about 1” outside the line (toward the original neckline). This will be hemmed later.


— Fold up the bottom of the tee by ½” and press. Fold up another ½” and pin. Sew in place to create your bottom hem. I like to use a zig-zag stitch here as it allows the material to stretch.

— Follow the same process with the neckline, but stitch in place using a straight stitch for a clean finish.


— Turn your tee right side out and admire!


— Cut 1 4” x 6” rectangle from each of your fabrics. Cut 3 4” x 6” rectangles of the Wonder-Under®.

— Place the Wonder-Under® rough side up on your ironing board and lay your fabric on top, right side up. Cover with a cloth and press firmly with a dry iron for about 8-10 seconds. Do this for each fabric.



— Cut out a triangle shape from a piece of cardstock (or simply draw your own design). Trace the triangle shape onto the paper back of the Wonder-Under® (on the back side of the fabric). Trace as many as you’d like.

— Carefully cut all triangles out on the drawn lines.


— Remove the paper-back from the Wonder-Under®. I find that scoring the paper lightly with a pin sometimes helps to get the process started. Think of it as removing the paper off the back of a sticker.

— Arrange the triangles however you’d like with the Wonder-Under® against the front of the t-shirt.

— Cover the triangles with a cloth, spray the cloth with water from your iron to dampen, and firmly press in place for about 8-10 seconds. Repeat this process until all triangles are fused to the t-shirt.


— Put your new t-shirt on and flaunt it around town!!


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See you on Monday for a brand new tutorial from Jenelle!














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