Retread Your Threads — with TrashN2Tees

Today, we are SO excited to introduce you to Jenelle Montilone, creative genius behind TrashN2Tees and brand new project designer for Pellon®. April is Earth Month with Earth Day on April 22 and we thought it was the perfect time to bring Jenelle in for a little repurposing inspiration. Jenelle calls herself a recycling and repurposing revolutionary. She aims not only to encourage and inspire others to consume less and recycle more but also to transform discarded materials into wearable, practical, fun, personalized and stylish works of art. We so hope that you’ll enjoy this series and would love to hear your own ideas! With that, here’s Jenelle!


I’m excited to partner with Pellon® and celebrate Earth Month with this four part series Retread Your Threads. Did you know that the average American throws away more than 68 lbs of clothing into our landfills each year? While 95% of that can actually be recycled I like to say 100% can be reused! Each week we’ll be repurposing clothing using a variety of Pellon® products. Today we’re illuminating denim, sounds interesting? Read on.

Candle cylinder sleeves are especially made to protect the candle and it also adds a dash of style. I love how versatile this project can be and the fact that denim slips right off allowing you redecorate & repurpose the glass as needed.

What you need:

Start by cutting off a leg… of your jeans.

Cut at seam.

Leave the seam in tack, roll and mark measurement (be sure to leave seam allowance)

Trace circles onto denim (on the underside), I used the spool- but you can use anything you’d like.  Then carefully cut out.

Measure and cut the fusible Pellon® Craft-Fuse® to size, cover all of the denim stopping 1/8″  below the seam and press as directed to the denim. This is a rather unconventional way to use the product but I love how the texture and transparency act to diffuse the light and create ambiance.


Now you’re fused up, fold the seam to exposed and pin.

This is what it’ll look like when finished, to help give you an idea.

Sew seam by hand or machine. Be sure to use a 90/14 needle or recommended heavy duty needle for your make/model machine.

We’re almost done now. You just need to meet up the sides and sew seam using a zig zag stitch or use serger if preferred.

Slip the denim sleeve over glass cylinder- add candle or flowers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s project, and if you just. can’t. wait. to dig into your closet and look for more things to upcycle, you’ll find more than 200 ways to refashion a t-shirt on the Ultimate Upcycled Tshirt Tutorial List.

Wondering what to do with any other unwanted, stained, or worn out clothing? Think reuse before recycling, learn more about TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling, or search Earth911 for a clothing recycling facility near you!


Thanks so much Jenelle! We are SO excited about this series and can’t wait to see what projects are up next. Remember, Earth Day is April 22. How will you give back?

About Jenelle: (in her words)
Hi! I’m Jenelle. Though these days I am most frequently referred to as Mommy, I used to hold such titles as President, Waitress, College Student, Mud Bog Racer, and I even donned a big furry cat suit in high school as Suzy Stateliner- the school mascot! Between crushing cars with Monster Jam trucks, judging silly dance contests, and those other less fun household chores… I rescue clothing and textiles from our landfills. I’ve been called a recycling and repurposing revolutionary. I am here to not only encourage and inspire you to consume less and recycle more but to transform discarded materials into wearable, practical, fun, personalized and stylish works of art. When we find creative ways to repurpose what we no longer need we can inject color, texture, personality, and wonder into our lives and communities. You can find out more about my commitment by visiting

Find Jenelle online: Website :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Pinterest :: Etsy

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