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Happy Friday!! Today, I’m pleased to introduce you to Heather Valentine, a brand new Pellon Projects™ artist and owner/creator of The Sewing Loft. In honor of September and National Sewing Month, Heather has been hosting a terrific series highlighting favorite tools and techniques from some of our industry’s great creative ladies. We’ve been following along and suddenly have a giant list of new tools that just *must* be purchased for our sewing rooms;). Thankfully, we can use all of the posts in Heather’s series as a guide for what to make with all of our new handy tools;).

Thanks so much for taking a moment to chat with us today, Heather!

Pellon Projects: What first inspired the National Sewing Month Series?
Heather Valentine: National Sewing Month was always a big deal with my New Jersey Sewing Guild Chapter. We always did our best to celebrate in a special way. Now, that I have moved 600 plus miles away, I still wanted to keep the traditional alive. I thought the blog was a wonderful way to share the celebration with others!

PP: Was your intention always to keep a focus on tools and tricks of the trade?
HV: My focus was always tools, tips and tricks. With so many tools on the market today, it is difficult to know every last one. Plus, I think it’s really interesting to see how others use the similar tools. I mean, let’s face it, we all have a machine but those little tools, they’re like eye candy! They can save a bunch of time. Case in point- the little wooden stick!

PP: What are your hopes for the series?
HV: My hope is that stitchers of all levels will find something of interest and become inspired by a new tool, tip or project idea. The main goal is to inspire others to “Reclaim” their creativity through stitching! Hopefully, someone following along will see a tool in a whole new light, or discover that their old standby tucked in a drawer somewhere can actually be used differently to help save time. That would be a win in my book.

PP: What is your favorite or most-used sewing room tool?
HV: This question is a toughie! But it is funny that you ask, I just completed a few projects all from my fabric stash. Without a doubt in my mind, this is my most over worked and under appreciated tool.

PP: What Pellon® interfacing product would you recommend to readers and why?
HV: Well, currently I am working on this fun project with the 906F interfacing. I think by now, everyone knows that I save all of my scraps. This product allows me to salvage them and reclaim them into a fun new fabric.

To be fair though, I think it’s super important for stitchers to realize the importance of a quality interfacing. During my years of Product Development and Technical Design in the garment industry, I learned the significance of this hidden gem caught between the layers of fabric. A quality interfacing can make a piece of inexpensive fabric shine like a brilliant diamond! But without it, your project is sure to show flaws and will breakdown over time.

I think many stitchers underestimate the powerful foundation this hidden layer provides. For me, interfacing is like the secret ingredient in your favorite sauce. Without it, something is lacking.

A few key links
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The Wooden Iron
Heat Erasing Pens

Thank you again Heather!!

[all images courtesy of The Sewing Loft and guest posters — click the links for more information]


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