Interfacing Organization

And, we’re back! Since our fab little Pellon 101 series has come to a close, we’re returning to our regularly scheduled Tuesday Tips. We’ll be bringing you sage advice from our Pellon® experts and tips from some of your favorite Pellon Projects™ designers. Have something you’re curious about, or need help with a project? Email us and we may just post the answer here!

“I am a total ‘Pack Rat’ when it comes to my sewing supplies. Sometimes, when I go to grab a particular interfacing, all I can find are unmarked samples with no instructions.”

Keeping your interfacing stash organized is just as important as a tidy fabric stash and our interfacing expert is here to help! When purchasing a new type of interfacing, make sure to get a complete copy of the product interleafing (instructions that should come free with your purchase.) Many Pellon® products can be easily folded. Fold into a neat square that will fit into a 1 gallon-sized zip lock bag, then fold the corresponding interleafing so that the name and style # of the product are visible. Place both inside the bag with the interleafing in front. The bag can then be filed into a box (check out these storage boxes) or file drawer for future use. If you want to get really organized and you have the time, take it one step further and section your items by segment (see our Pellon 101 printables post).

If you have Pellon® products that shouldn’t be folded (or you’d simply prefer not to fold them), roll them up and stow them inside a cardboard tube. (hint: Try using an old wrapping paper tube, a paper towel roll, or even a toilet paper roll!) Simply write the name of the product on the outside of the tube and you’re ready to go!

To get even craftier, why not make custom labels for the outside of your bags or tubes? We’ve created a few simple labels just for you. Click the images below to download, or create your own!



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