We {heart} Shorts!

Have you been following along with Shorts on a Line? The month-long extravaganza launched at the beginning of July and we’ve been immersed in that fabulous go-to Summer staple ever since. It’s really and all out celebration of the short shorts, the daisy dukes, the short pants, the rompers, the clam-diggers, the trunks, the tiny pants, the culottes, the capris, & the waders. (What am I missing??) The event is being hosted by 3 fabulous blogs, starting at week 1 with Imagine Gnats, moving onto Small + Friendly for week 2 and Designs by Sessa for week 3. Since it’s actually 95˚ here in Maine today (yes, really!) I can’t think of much else other than shorts (and wishing that we had a pool, of course!) So, without further pause, how about a little shorts eye-candy to kick off your Summer weekend!

note: You’ll likely notice the hosting blogs and the names Rachael, Vanessa and Carla quite a bit below… That’s mostly because the three lovelies have a pinterest board dedicated to shorts! Check it out here.

– – – – – – – – – –

top left: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Kendi Everyday
top right: pinned by Lizl Fleury — source: Lovely Luna
bottom: pinned by Ashleigh Buteau — source: Imagine Gnats

– – – – –

left: pinned by Kylie Smith — source: Mama Says Sew
top middle: pinned by Rowan & Oak — source: Rowan & Oak
bottom middle: pinned by Lisel Gibson — source: Nested in Stitches
right: pinned by Randi Wells — source Imagine Gnats

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Ritisha Chance — source: Probably Actually
top middle: pinned by Kathi Olmstead — source: Imagine Gnats
top right: pinned by Abby Wilson — source: Elegance and Elephants
middle left: pinned by Jessica Auxier — source: Probably Acutally
middle middle: pinned by Courtney Svajian — source: Homestitched
middle right: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Style Milk
bottom left: pinned by Carla @ Small+ Friendly — source: Small + Friendly
bottom middle: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: MADE
bottom right: pinned by Carla @ Small + Friendly — source: Small + Friendly

– – – – –

left: pinned by Rachel Jackson — source: Imagine Gnats
top middle: pinned by Carla @ Small + Friendly — source: Running With Scissors
bottom middle: pinned by Rachael (imagine Gnats) — source: Cotton & Curls
right: pinned by la inglesita — source: Figgy’s

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Yuli Michaeli — source: Sky Turtle
top right: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Schwin & Schwin
bottom left: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: The Girl Creative
bottom right: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Designs by Sessa

– – – – –

If you don’t currently have an account and need an invite, comment on this post with a way for us to get in touch and we’ll send one to you. If you’re already pinning and want to share your boards with other readers, post your info in the comments. AND If you’re wondering what we’re up to, you can follow us here.

Happy Pinning!!

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