:: Pellon 101 — Part 7 ::

This week, we take a step into the world of embroidery. I know what you’re thinking… isn’t that a little old fashioned? Heck no! Embroidery is all the rage these days and takes so many different forms. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at our Stitches & Embroidery Pinterest Board. Embroidery can be hand-stitched or done by machine and adds a special touch to any project. With such a wide range of embroidery styles, you’ll need a wide range of stabilizers to keep you on track. Thankfully, Pellon® has you covered.

– – – – – – – – – –

Embroidery backings and toppings are used to stabilize fabric during machine and hand embroidery to avoid stretching and distortion. There are several types of embroidery stabilizers to go along with different fabric types and projects.

Tear Away
These products help to prevent distortion and avoid stretching while stitching. Use more layers for custom levels of stability. The excess stabilizer easily tears away, leaving no sticky residue. Available in both iron-on and sew-in varieties.

Cut Away
A product that provides continued stabilization that remains with fabric to prevent stretching or sagging stitches. Fast cut away removal.

Wash Away
Products that stabilize embroidery materials to avoid pulls or distortion while stitching. All products feature an easy wash away removal for no-show stabilization.

AND… as promised… Next week we’ll take a closer look at our wide range of Legacy™ by Pellon® Battings. You’ll also be given access to a very handy, downloadable pdf featuring all of the info we’ve presented in Pellon 101. Don’t you just love Summer??

– – – – – – – – – –

Interested in trying a few of these products out? We’re running our MONDAY MADNESS GIVEAWAY through midnight on Monday, July 7th. Prize pack includes one product from each segment. Click HERE for more details and to enter-to-win!

For a little modern embroidery inspiration, check out these fabulous designers!
Sarah Jane Studios
Imagine Gnats
Wild Olive
Too Crewel
Little Deer Tracks
Clover & Violet
Lunch Box Quilts

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