The Panty Pack

It’s every travel-savvy gal’s dilemma: How do I keep my delicates safe and well-organized in a giant bag full of stuff? You know the drill… you’re packing for your long coveted vacation and your bag contains everything from shoes to handbags, jackets to hair accessories. Your lacy lingerie could get snagged, or even worse, could get dragged across the sole of one of your summer wedges. Sure, you could grab a zip lock baggie, but what fashionable lady wants to go there? No, for you, it’s The Panty Pack. This sassy little travel bag features two handy sides: ones to wear and ones that have been worn. Travel dilemma? Solved!

This tutorial was designed and created by Michelle Dorsey of Sew Michelle. It comes with a handy step-by-step pdf AND all the embroidery files you’ll need to create your own Wear/Worn distinctions. Have fun!!

The Panty Pack

Materials List
1/2 yard Main Fabric for Handle and Exterior
1/2 yard Lining Fabric
1/2 yard Pellon® 987F Fusible Fleece
1/2 yard Pellon® 542 Stick-N-Washaway™
1/2 yard Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under®
1 pkg Pellon® ST-805 Wonder-Under® Tape
1 small bottle Dritz™ Fray Check™ (optional)
Assorted Trims & Ribbon
1 yard 1/4″ Grosgrain Ribbon (optional)
Two 12″ zippers
Four 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ pieces of 3/4″ Velcro
Embroidery Thread

Tools Needed
Sewing Machine & Related Supplies
>Embroidery Machine
4×4 Embroidery Hoop

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To download a free pdf copy of the full instructions, please visit our website. And if you make your own, make sure to post a photo on our Facebook page! Happy Friday!!

* All photos were pulled from The Panty Pack tutorial and are courtesy of Michell Doresey //


The Big Bow Skirt

I’m really excited to share this week’s featured project with you! Why? Because it’s an apparel project, that’s why! We’re constantly on the hunt for tutorials that show you how to effectively use interfacing to add polish to your apparel projects. Honestly, who doesn’t love something new and cute to add to her wardrobe?;) For today, it’s the Big Bow Skirt by designer/blogger, Kate Blocher of See Kate Sew. This savvy seamstress uses a fab skirt tutorial to show you the magic of interfacing. You’ll get the step-by-step for creating your new summer staple and a sneak peek at what it looks like both with and without interfacing. As an added bonus, I thought it might be fun to do a color-inspired feature image. I couldn’t help but notice the skirt’s similarities to Dorothy’s famous Wizard of Oz frock. And, just like in the iconic film, the color contrast comes from the shoes. Nice styling, Kate;)!

Big Bow Skirt

Materials Needed
2 yards Cotton Fabric
1/4 yard Ribbed Interlock
1/2 yard Pellon® 911F Fusible Featherweight

Tools Needed
Sewing Machine & Related Supplies

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To download a free pdf copy of the full instructions, please visit our website. And if you make your own, make sure to post a photo on our Facebook page! Happy Thursday!!

**All images are courtesy of Kate Blocher.

Interfacing Organization

And, we’re back! Since our fab little Pellon 101 series has come to a close, we’re returning to our regularly scheduled Tuesday Tips. We’ll be bringing you sage advice from our Pellon® experts and tips from some of your favorite Pellon Projects™ designers. Have something you’re curious about, or need help with a project? Email us and we may just post the answer here!

“I am a total ‘Pack Rat’ when it comes to my sewing supplies. Sometimes, when I go to grab a particular interfacing, all I can find are unmarked samples with no instructions.”

Keeping your interfacing stash organized is just as important as a tidy fabric stash and our interfacing expert is here to help! When purchasing a new type of interfacing, make sure to get a complete copy of the product interleafing (instructions that should come free with your purchase.) Many Pellon® products can be easily folded. Fold into a neat square that will fit into a 1 gallon-sized zip lock bag, then fold the corresponding interleafing so that the name and style # of the product are visible. Place both inside the bag with the interleafing in front. The bag can then be filed into a box (check out these storage boxes) or file drawer for future use. If you want to get really organized and you have the time, take it one step further and section your items by segment (see our Pellon 101 printables post).

If you have Pellon® products that shouldn’t be folded (or you’d simply prefer not to fold them), roll them up and stow them inside a cardboard tube. (hint: Try using an old wrapping paper tube, a paper towel roll, or even a toilet paper roll!) Simply write the name of the product on the outside of the tube and you’re ready to go!

To get even craftier, why not make custom labels for the outside of your bags or tubes? We’ve created a few simple labels just for you. Click the images below to download, or create your own!



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We {heart} Shorts!

Have you been following along with Shorts on a Line? The month-long extravaganza launched at the beginning of July and we’ve been immersed in that fabulous go-to Summer staple ever since. It’s really and all out celebration of the short shorts, the daisy dukes, the short pants, the rompers, the clam-diggers, the trunks, the tiny pants, the culottes, the capris, & the waders. (What am I missing??) The event is being hosted by 3 fabulous blogs, starting at week 1 with Imagine Gnats, moving onto Small + Friendly for week 2 and Designs by Sessa for week 3. Since it’s actually 95˚ here in Maine today (yes, really!) I can’t think of much else other than shorts (and wishing that we had a pool, of course!) So, without further pause, how about a little shorts eye-candy to kick off your Summer weekend!

note: You’ll likely notice the hosting blogs and the names Rachael, Vanessa and Carla quite a bit below… That’s mostly because the three lovelies have a pinterest board dedicated to shorts! Check it out here.

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top left: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Kendi Everyday
top right: pinned by Lizl Fleury — source: Lovely Luna
bottom: pinned by Ashleigh Buteau — source: Imagine Gnats

– – – – –

left: pinned by Kylie Smith — source: Mama Says Sew
top middle: pinned by Rowan & Oak — source: Rowan & Oak
bottom middle: pinned by Lisel Gibson — source: Nested in Stitches
right: pinned by Randi Wells — source Imagine Gnats

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Ritisha Chance — source: Probably Actually
top middle: pinned by Kathi Olmstead — source: Imagine Gnats
top right: pinned by Abby Wilson — source: Elegance and Elephants
middle left: pinned by Jessica Auxier — source: Probably Acutally
middle middle: pinned by Courtney Svajian — source: Homestitched
middle right: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Style Milk
bottom left: pinned by Carla @ Small+ Friendly — source: Small + Friendly
bottom middle: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: MADE
bottom right: pinned by Carla @ Small + Friendly — source: Small + Friendly

– – – – –

left: pinned by Rachel Jackson — source: Imagine Gnats
top middle: pinned by Carla @ Small + Friendly — source: Running With Scissors
bottom middle: pinned by Rachael (imagine Gnats) — source: Cotton & Curls
right: pinned by la inglesita — source: Figgy’s

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Yuli Michaeli — source: Sky Turtle
top right: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Schwin & Schwin
bottom left: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: The Girl Creative
bottom right: pinned by Vanessa Traylor — source: Designs by Sessa

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If you don’t currently have an account and need an invite, comment on this post with a way for us to get in touch and we’ll send one to you. If you’re already pinning and want to share your boards with other readers, post your info in the comments. AND If you’re wondering what we’re up to, you can follow us here.

Happy Pinning!!

:: Pellon 101 — The Printables ::

Just in the nick of time!! I promised you a printable on Thursday and a printable on Thursday, you shall have!! I decided to break it up into sections, so if you’re just looking for one particular segment, you can download that directly rather than going for the full shebang;). Please email me if you have any difficulty with the files.

So… Click. Download. Print. Post. Enjoy.

As always, if you have any questions about a particular product, or if you’re looking for where to buy a product online, please just let us know. Happy Crafting!!

PELLON 101 — The Printables

Pellon101GuidePrintable  [33.3MB] — (or click here to download via dropbox)

Pellon101-Apparel [8.9MB] — (or click here to download via dropbox)

Pellon101-Crafts&HomeDecor [6.5MB] — (or click here to download via dropbox)

Pellon101-Quilting [9.3MB] — (or click here to download via dropbox)

Pellon101-FusibleWebs&Adhesives [4.3MB] — (or click here to download via dropbox)

Pellon101-Embroidery [5.5MB] — (or click here to download via dropbox)

:: Pellon 101 — Part 8 ::

Woo hoo! We made it! You’ve been a dedicated crew, checking in week after week to learn all about what Pellon® has to offer. We’ve made it through all of the segments and have come to our fabulous line of batting, officially the Legacy™ by Pellon® line. I’ve been looking forward to this one as many of you may not have even know that we produce batting. Well, we do! We began introducing the line just 3 years ago and have been working hard to build exposure ever since. There is quite a variety and I’m happy to say, we’ve been getting tremendously positive feedback. Take a peek, head on out to your local independent quilt shop or Long Arm quilter and grab your favorite for your next quilt!

Depending on the type, our batting is offered both by-the-yard and in a variety of convenient packaged sizes including Crib, Throw, Twin, Queen & King. Ask your local quilt shop for more details, or contact us here with questions You can learn more about the different types of batting on our website.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

For your very own, extremely handy, eye-catching and fabulous Pellon® Products pdf download, please check back on Thursday. We’re still finalizing and want it to be just right, just for you!

:: Pellon 101 — Part 7 ::

This week, we take a step into the world of embroidery. I know what you’re thinking… isn’t that a little old fashioned? Heck no! Embroidery is all the rage these days and takes so many different forms. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at our Stitches & Embroidery Pinterest Board. Embroidery can be hand-stitched or done by machine and adds a special touch to any project. With such a wide range of embroidery styles, you’ll need a wide range of stabilizers to keep you on track. Thankfully, Pellon® has you covered.

– – – – – – – – – –

Embroidery backings and toppings are used to stabilize fabric during machine and hand embroidery to avoid stretching and distortion. There are several types of embroidery stabilizers to go along with different fabric types and projects.

Tear Away
These products help to prevent distortion and avoid stretching while stitching. Use more layers for custom levels of stability. The excess stabilizer easily tears away, leaving no sticky residue. Available in both iron-on and sew-in varieties.

Cut Away
A product that provides continued stabilization that remains with fabric to prevent stretching or sagging stitches. Fast cut away removal.

Wash Away
Products that stabilize embroidery materials to avoid pulls or distortion while stitching. All products feature an easy wash away removal for no-show stabilization.

AND… as promised… Next week we’ll take a closer look at our wide range of Legacy™ by Pellon® Battings. You’ll also be given access to a very handy, downloadable pdf featuring all of the info we’ve presented in Pellon 101. Don’t you just love Summer??

– – – – – – – – – –

Interested in trying a few of these products out? We’re running our MONDAY MADNESS GIVEAWAY through midnight on Monday, July 7th. Prize pack includes one product from each segment. Click HERE for more details and to enter-to-win!

For a little modern embroidery inspiration, check out these fabulous designers!
Sarah Jane Studios
Imagine Gnats
Wild Olive
Too Crewel
Little Deer Tracks
Clover & Violet
Lunch Box Quilts

Monday Madness!! (7/2)

Have you been following along with our Pellon 101 series? If you have, you know that this week, we’re tackling the Embroidery section of Pellon®’s product segmentation. With that in mind, I thought it might be a great time to giveaway a few products from our new packaged embroidery stabilizer line — one from each category to be exact! You’ll learn more about the full range tomorrow, but for now, take a peek at the following 3 products that will make your embroidery projects just that much easier!! The giveaway has a total retail value of $60!!

– – – – – – – –

Looking for a bit of inspiration for summer embroidery projects? Take a peek at a few of the ideas over at (simply click on a title to head directly to the pattern on our website!):






Or perhaps a bit of inspiration from our Stitches & Embroidery Pinterest Board?

[credits clockwise from top left: shinyhappyworld, carina’s craft blog, designworklife,,,]

Whichever project you dive into first, you’ll be on the right track with this month’s prize pack!!

– – – – – – – –

To enter-to-win, tell us what you’d like to make with any one of the 3 products. Please let us know in the comments! [Make sure we have a way to get in touch with you in case you’re our winner!] For added entries, you can do any of the following:

1. like us on Facebook
2. follow the blog (click the follow button in the right-hand sidebar)
3. follow our boards on Pinterest
4. follow us on Twitter

Just make sure to post a comment telling us what you did for each entry.

Because it’s a holiday week, this contest will run a bit longer. We’ll accept entries up through midnight on Monday, July 9th. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 10th.

Thanks and good luck!

** please note that due to shipping restrictions, this contest is only open to participants in the US & Canada.


UPDATE (July 10): This contest is now closed! Thanks to all who entered:). Stay tuned for our next Monday Madness giveaway on August 6!

Congratulations to our winner, lyneave, who had our 22nd comment!! Our winner was selected using a random generator at

We hope you have fun with your embroidery projects! We’d love to see what you make:).