:: Pellon 101 — Part 4 ::

If you’ve been following along, you know we’re on to segment #2 this week: Crafts & Home Décor! If you’re just joining us, you can catch up on what you’ve missed right here.

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Just as with apparel, it is extremely important to use the right stabilizer in craft and home decorating projects. This range of products lends itself to a diverse range of projects, including children’s toys, mixed media collages, scrap-booking and so much more. They are intended to strengthen and stabilize as well as aid and add to the design process in some way. The three major categories are: Stabilizers, Tracing Cloths and Mixed Media.

For basic crafts, accessories and home décor projects.  Generally easy to use.

Tracing Cloths
Non-interfacing materials used in garment or craft patterning and creation.

Mixed Media
Spun bonded polyester sew-ins for crafting, sewing, quilting and fiber arts.

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Next week we’ll jump in to the non-batting area of Quilting. (We’ll do a separate series on the Legacy™ by Pellon® batting after the Pellon 101 series is complete!) Until then, enjoy the last days of Spring!

** Psssst. Thought you might like to know that at the end of this series, we’ll offer a free downloadable print out with all the information you’ll need to select the right Pellon® products for your projects!