Bags, Bags, Bags

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a good handbag ALL the time (every minute of every day? I might be a little obsessed.) but this month in particular, I LOVE a good handbag. Why? Because of Sew Sweetness’s Purse Palooza, that’s why! Have you been following along? I love checking out all of the different pattern reviews, seeing what materials the designers use and what fabric pairings they favor. I was particularly pleased with Sara’s kick off post which was all about bag interfacing, a post that caused quite a stir! How could it not with that lead image:).

And so, in honor of Purse Palooza 2012, this week’s Pinterest love is all about bags. Yes, I know I’ve done one with bags before, but hey, did I mention I have a bit of a bag problem?;) What your bag obsession?

top left: pinned by Jennie & Clara {Clover & Violet} — source: Mommy’s Nap Time
top right: re-pinned by Heather Valentine — source: Sweet C’s Designs
bottom left: pinned by Kim C — source: Noodlehead
bottom right: pinned by Sarah Graham — source: Sew, Mama, Sew!

– – – – –

top left: re-pinned by Jodi Bonjour — source: Lazy Doll on Etsy
top right: pinned by Maia Felidae — source: Patchwork Notes via Sew Sweetness
bottom left: pinned by Kristin — source: {lbg studio}
bottom right: pinned by Laura Adams — source: My Go-Go Life via Sew Sweetness

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Beka Johnson — source: Say Yes To Hoboken
top center: pinned by Maggie Beal — source: Very Purple Person
top right: re-pinned by Vanessa / lbgstudio — source: The Sometimes Crafter
bottom left: pinned by Megan Bohr — source: Noodlehead
bottom right: pinned by luvinthemommyhood — source: Sew Sweetness

– – – – –

left: pinned by Brittni Wood Mehlhoff — source: Say Yes To Hoboken
top right: pinned by Create for Less — source: Sew, Mama, Sew!
bottom right: re-pinned by Patchwork EStudio — source: Amanda Murphy Design

– – – – –

top left: re-pinned by Jennifer Mathis — source: _omega_ on flickr
top right: pinned by Jessica Abbott — source: Delia Creates
bottom left: pinned by Lee Heinrich — source: Mommy’s Nap Time
bottom right: pinned by bulbean – Suzy — source: Lindsay Sews via Sew Sweetness

– – – – –

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Happy Pinning!!

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