:: Pellon 101 — Part 3 ::

Week 3 — Part 3 and we’re getting into the nitty gritty;). This week, we’re delving into the segmentations to give you a better idea of what types of products are in the Pellon® line & what they do. Kicking it all off?


– – – – – – – – – –

Interfacing shapes, supports, and stabilizes the detail areas of a garment such as collars, facings, waistbands, pockets, etc. In jackets and coats you may even fuse the entire front or use a variety of products to get a professional result. It has a huge effect on the appearance of a garment and can be the difference between feeling good in wear, or feeling stiff, rigid and uncomfortable. Without interfacing, a garment is more likely to be limp and lifeless. In the area of apparel interfacings, there are three major categories: basic, luxury fusible, and specialty.

Easy to use products, great for all skill levels.

Luxury Fusibles
Exclusive fusible interfacings that cater to a more experienced and quality minded consumer.

Interfacings used mostly in clothing, featuring a specialty use not found in other apparel interfacings.

– – – – – – – – – –

Next week we’ll jump in to the area of Crafts & Home Décor. See you then;).

** Psssst. Thought you might like to know that at the end of this series, we’ll offer a free downloadable print out with all the information you’ll need to select the right Pellon® products for your projects!

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