Weekend DIY

One of my absolute favorite things about Pinterest, beyond having the ability to share and admire beautiful things, is the access to more DIY project inspiration than I could ever hope for. I’ve been on a huge DIY kick lately, crafting some washi-tape vases, a quick and easy summer dress, and even my very first quilt. Part of the allure of these DIY darlings is that I get the satisfaction of making something by hand without the insanely long time commitment. For this reason, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Pinterest post to a series of Weekend DIY projects. It’s about sewing, crafting, and in one case, even baking because let’s face it… very few of us only identify with one;).

Which project will you make first? I’m angling for the stuffed bowling set!

Happy Weekend!!

top left: re-pinned by Adrianne – Little Bluebell — source: Sarah Jane Studios
top right: re-pinned by Vanessa / lbgstudio — source: Modern Parents Messy Kids
bottom left: re-pinned by Merche Grosso — source: Handmade Charlotte for Coats and Clark
bottom right: re-pinned by Anna Graham — source: hello bee

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Kate Pruitt — source: Design Sponge
top right: pinned by Victoria Hudgins — source: A Subtle Revelry
bottom left: re-pinned by Joanna Goddard — source: Lady Croissant
bottom right: pinned by Etsy — source: Martha Stewart

– – – – –

top: pinned by Dana Willard — source: made
bottom: pinned by Handmade Charlotte — source: Handmade Charlotte for Coats and Clark

– – – – –

top left: pinned by Curbly — source: Curbly
top right: re-pinned by Allison {SeamedUP} — source: Diary of a Quilter
bottom left: re-pinned by luvinthemommyhood — source: Simply Sublime
bottom right: re-pinned by Craftsy on Pinterest — source: Craftsy

– – – – –

left: re-pinned by Craftsy on Pinterest — source: Simple Simon and Company
right: pinned by Just Plain Lovely — source: ISLY / Melissa Esplin

– – – – –

top: pinned by Prudent Baby — source: Captain Crafty
bottom left: pinned by Jennie & Clara {Clover & Violet} — source: The Plaid Scottie
bottom right: re-pinned by Sew Sweetness — source: Imagine Gnats for Sew, Mama, Sew!

– – – – –

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Happy Pinning!!

2 thoughts on “Weekend DIY

    • erin @ pellon says:

      So cute, right? A Subtle Revelry is one of my favorite blog destinations — along with ISLY!;) That dress is gorgeous and on the top of my project list! Have a fabulous weekend!

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