:: Tuesday Tips — May 1 ::

Happy May! It’s hard to believe that another Spring month has flown by! May is the month of flowers, of celebrating our moms and of course, it’s the month of Quilt Market in Kansas City! Who’s going? Where do we find you? We’ll be there and we can’t WAIT! We’ll have more posts on all that leading up to the big weekend, but we want to find out which of your lovely faces we’ll get to greet when we’re there. Leave us a note in the comments:).

This week, we’re offering advice for what we hope is a more uncommon problem, though we’re sure that a few of you have experienced it.

– – – – – – – – –

Q. “My test swatch looks very wrinkled; almost like an orange-peel – what does this mean?”

A. It can mean one of two things.  First, your interfacing may just be too heavy for your fabric.  You may want to try a lighter weight interfacing and be sure to test on another fabric sample before moving forward with your full project. Second, your fabric may be shrinking, causing it to look wrinkled.  Try pre-washing your fabric again or perhaps use a lower fusing temperature to apply the interfacing. If you’re experiencing these issues and need additional suggestions or support, please feel free to contact Customer Service. Our interfacing expert is here to help!!

– – – – – – – – –

BONUS: Have you seen Jo-Ann‘s awesome video that gives some helpful hints for selecting the best interfacing for your project? Take a peek! We’re loving it!


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