:: Tuesday Tips — April 24 ::

Today’s tip addresses a question we’ve seen a lot of lately. We’ll have more of these to come — those awesome little nuggets to help you out in a crafting crisis at 1am!

– – – – – – – – –

Q: “I accidentally put a piece of interfacing (or appliqué) in the wrong place.  Can I remove it?”

A: The short answer is that our fusibles are intended to be permanent.  That said, there is often a work-around or a potential fix! If you have not completely fused the piece you may be able to remove most, if not all, of the adhesive from your project.

– Heat up the interfacing (or appliqué) with your iron without pressing down. Make sure you’re working from the side with the interfacing.

– While it is still warm (be careful as it will be hot), gently pull the appliqué or interfacing up from one corner.

– If you have adhesive left on the area there is a product called “Carbona® Spot Remover for Glue and Adhesive.”  (This can be found in most supermarkets or mass merchant stores in the laundry aisle.)

– Follow directions on the bottle, being careful to pre-test for color-fastness, etc.

– This product will cause the adhesive to “gum up” allowing for easier removal.

– You can also try ironing a dryer sheet over the area as it will often pick up some additional adhesive.

– – – – – – – – –

Happy Crafting from our resident Pellon® expert!

(**editor’s note: I, erin@pellon, am not the expert!)

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