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This week it’s all about bags! It’s where your store your things… your on-the-go home-away-from-home. It’s for your toiletries, your wallet & keys, your babe’s diapers & wipes, your eyeglasses, your iPad, your Kindle, your sketching supplies, your… well, you get the point;). We’d be nowhere without our little vessels and I just love what I’m seeing out on Pinterest these days. I’ve been inspired to start creating, how about you?? What is your favorite interfacing to add shape and structure to your bags?

1. re-pinned by Kim Niedzwiecki — source: Zaaberry
2. pinned by Emma-Louise Kearney — source: PrettyPennyDesigns
3. pinned by Nicole Redington — source: Dixie Mango
4.pinned by btrflywmn — source: A Spoonful of Sugar

– – – – –

5. pinned by Connie Campbell — source: All Wrapped Up
6. pinned by Millie Smith — source: Jennifer Ladd via Sew, Mama, Sew!
7. pinned by Liberty Reimschussel — source: Flamingo Toes
8. re-pinned by Jodi Bonjour — source: PurlBee

– – – – –

9. pinned by Erin :: Just Plain Lovely — source: PurlBee
10. pinned by Jill Lowell — source: ikat bag via Sew, Mama, Sew!
11. pinned by Christina Israelsen — source: The Little Appleseed
12. re-pinned by Susan — source: PatternPile.com

– – – – –

13. re-pinned by Lynne Bradley — source: Say Yes To Hoboken
14. pinned by Sarah Eastberg — source: Terrabyte Farm
15. re-pinned by Everything Etsy — source: Midwestern Sewing Girl

– – – – –

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Happy Pinning!!


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