:: Tuesday Tips – April 17 ::

Today’s tip should give you the hand you need to finish up that first quilt of Spring. You know… the one with the fabulously colorful prints that you’ve been looking forward to creating all Winter? So, take a peek, finish it up, bring that exquisite piece of art outside into that fresh Spring air, snap a photo and post it on our Facebook page. That’s right… we love sharing!! 😉

Blocking a Quilt
Once a quilt is completed it is often beneficial to block it, as you might with a knit sweater. To get started, you’ll want to very lightly dampen the quilt. Lay it out on a flat surface, like a clean floor. The purpose in blocking is to allow the fibers to return to their natural state or position. If the quilt was made properly, it will easily become squared and lay flat.  Use a large cutting ruler to position the corners and ‘square them’. Then use a long straight ruler or yard stick to position or straighten the sides.  Pin this in place and allow to air dry. The quilt will drape/lay nicely and remain in this condition.


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