:: Tuesday Tips – April 10 ::

This week we address one of those pesky, mid-project problems. Imagine this… You’re in the middle of a project and you’re working with one of Pellon®’s fusible interfacings. Everything is going well until the dog barks, distracting you just enough so that you end up with a bit of adhesive on your iron. Have no fear! There is an easy solution.

– – – – – – – – – –

Q: “I got adhesive on my iron.  What do I do?”

A: To remove any fusible residue from your iron, we recommend that you use a Hot Iron Cleaner, a product that can be found on the notions wall of your local fabric or quilt store. It is a thick cream that is applied to your iron. Be sure to follow the directions carefully as this product is applied to a HOT iron and we don’t want you to get burned!  If you do a lot of fusing, we would recommend that you purchase a silicone sole plate like Iron-Safe® that fits over the bottom of your iron. Iron-Safe® can be found in many local fabric shops or you can order one online right here.

Problem? SOLVED!

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “:: Tuesday Tips – April 10 ::

  1. ritainalaska says:

    i changed my mind after i had fused my appliques and had most of them stitched and removed a some of the pieces. there’s a lot of adhesive residue left … can you tell me how the adhesive bits can be removed? thanx muchly!

    • erin @ pellon says:

      So glad that you asked! I consulted with our resident expert (she really is amazing!!) and this is what she had to say:
      Hi Rita –

      Thank you for your question. Although there is no guarantee that you will be able to remove Wonder-Under® from your garment, as the product is intended to be permanent; here are some tips that have worked for us. (You can also use these suggestions for removing the fusible off your ironing board cover.) If the adhesive is not too deeply imbedded into the fibers, you may be able to remove most, if not all, of it from your garment.

      . To remove the appliqué; heat it up with your iron without pressing. While it is still warm and being careful as the appliqué will be hot, gently remove the appliqué.

      . There is also a product on the market called Carbona® for Glue and Adhesives. This is a spot remover that can be found in most supermarkets in the laundry aisle. Follow the directions on the bottle, being careful to pre-test first for colorfastness, etc. This product will cause the adhesive to “gum” up and you can kind of pick it off with your fingernails.

      . Some people have told us that if they put a dryer sheet over the area where the adhesive is left you can iron this and the adhesive will adhere to the sheet and, after cooling, the adhesive may pull away with the dryer sheet. I have not had success with this method myself.
      We hope this helps!!

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