Fabulous Fabrics

What is it about a beautifully spun, lucious & lovely fabric that gets us all swoony and faint? Is it the feel of cotton? The softness of a worn linen? The crispness of a canvas? Is it the bright pops of color? The patterns as works of art? There is something about beautiful fabrics that we crafters are just drawn to. The source of our inspiration and basis for our creations, a fabric can convey a style or a mood with a single glance. This week’s post is dedicated to just a few of the fabulous fabrics I’ve seen this week. Which ones are your favorites? Do you know what fabric you’ll use for your next project?

1. re-pinned by Lawson and Lotti — source: ModCloth — fabric: Cook It by Sew Sweet Fabric
2. re-pinned by Sew Sweetness — source: Etsy — fabric: Tulip by Jane Foster
3. re-pinned by Jennifer Hagler — source: Kurbits — fabric: Prints by Season One
4. pinned by Jessica Christian — source: Lily Bella Fabrics — fabric: Chevron in Aqua by Riley Blake House Designer

– – – – –

5. re-pinned by Rashida Coleman-Hale — source: classico-life — fabric: unknown
6. pinned by Gail Schneider — source: TrueUp — fabric: Flower Field (& Orla) by Skinny LaMinx
7. pinned by Quiltmaker — source: Plenty of Colour — fabric: unkown (original source)

– – – – –

8. re-pinned by Lee Heinrich — source: Lotta Jansdotter — fabric: Bella by Lotta Jansdotter
9. re-pinned by Babble — source: Design Sponge — fabric: Sokeri Fabric by Kauniste

– – – – –

10. re-pinned by Amy Smart — source: Camille RosKelley — fabric: Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda
11. re-pinned by Faith Jones — source: V and Co. — fabric: Simply Color by V and Co. for Moda
12. pinned by Hancock’s of Paducah — source: Hancock’s of Paducah— fabric: Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Pretty Pink
13. pinned by Laurie Wisbrun — source: Spoonflower — fabric: Afternoon Tea by Heather Dutton/Hang Tight Studios

– – – – –

14. pinned by Rita – Red Pepper Quilts — source: Red Pepper Quilts — fabric: Summerlove by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics
15. pinned by Angela Pingel — source: Sew, Mama, Sew! — fabric: Sweet Pears Natural Canvas from the Live Life fabric collection from Yuwa Fabrics.
16. re-pinned by Josephine Kimberling — source: Liberty London — fabric: Lord Paisley B, Liberty Fabrics
17. re-pinned by Joan Callaway — source: Hawthorne Threads — source: Various from Madrona Road by Violet Craft

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Happy Pinning!!


AQS – Paducah 2012

The entire town of Paducah, KY will be buzzing with thousands of quilters and educators this week, all because the AQS Quilt Show & Contest is in town. Carloads of quilting buddies will be motoring across Kentucky, stopping at quilt shops along the way. Residents will share their homes with return visitors and tourists will swarm, sampling the local food and shopping the quaint downtown shops. The National Quilt Museum will be filled with folks eager to see top winners from past years. Caryl Bryer Fallert’s Studio, The Bryer Patch, will be lit up with visitors. BBQ and lemonade will be served under tents on the grounds while golf carts and buses transport giddy quilters from one event to the next. It’s truly a magical week for the quilting community, one not to be missed!

Some of the most talented quilters in the country have entered their work to be judged at the show, known as one of the leading exhibiting shows in the nation. BREAKING NEWS: The judges have made their decisions and the contest winners were announced last night (Tuesday, April 24) at the award ceremony. More than $120,000 in cash awards were given out to the prize winners! For a peek at the winning quilts and access to more information about the designers, click here. (ed. note: AQS promises a showcase and we’re confident that the images will be available soon! In the meantime, browse the winners from Lancaster!)

Legacy by Pellon is a proud sponsor of the show & contest and can be found in the Convention Center at booth 1204. Make sure to pop by to say hello to our experts, Darlene and H.D., always ready with a smile and a helpful tip or two.

You Should Know

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Noted Vendors:
Pellon/Legacy Premier Batting
APQS – Longarm Quilting Machines
BERNINA of America
Brother International
Janome America
Moda Fabrics

Local Destinations & Info:
The National Quilting Museum
Hancocks of Paducah
The Bryer Patch
Paducah Tourism Info
Local Quilting and Fabric Shops

What are the attendees pinning?
Paducah on Pinterest

(images courtesy of: AQS, BodeensTravels, Traveling Quilter)

:: Tuesday Tips — April 24 ::

Today’s tip addresses a question we’ve seen a lot of lately. We’ll have more of these to come — those awesome little nuggets to help you out in a crafting crisis at 1am!

– – – – – – – – –

Q: “I accidentally put a piece of interfacing (or appliqué) in the wrong place.  Can I remove it?”

A: The short answer is that our fusibles are intended to be permanent.  That said, there is often a work-around or a potential fix! If you have not completely fused the piece you may be able to remove most, if not all, of the adhesive from your project.

– Heat up the interfacing (or appliqué) with your iron without pressing down. Make sure you’re working from the side with the interfacing.

– While it is still warm (be careful as it will be hot), gently pull the appliqué or interfacing up from one corner.

– If you have adhesive left on the area there is a product called “Carbona® Spot Remover for Glue and Adhesive.”  (This can be found in most supermarkets or mass merchant stores in the laundry aisle.)

– Follow directions on the bottle, being careful to pre-test for color-fastness, etc.

– This product will cause the adhesive to “gum up” allowing for easier removal.

– You can also try ironing a dryer sheet over the area as it will often pick up some additional adhesive.

– – – – – – – – –

Happy Crafting from our resident Pellon® expert!

(**editor’s note: I, erin@pellon, am not the expert!)

With Love From…

This week it’s all about bags! It’s where your store your things… your on-the-go home-away-from-home. It’s for your toiletries, your wallet & keys, your babe’s diapers & wipes, your eyeglasses, your iPad, your Kindle, your sketching supplies, your… well, you get the point;). We’d be nowhere without our little vessels and I just love what I’m seeing out on Pinterest these days. I’ve been inspired to start creating, how about you?? What is your favorite interfacing to add shape and structure to your bags?

1. re-pinned by Kim Niedzwiecki — source: Zaaberry
2. pinned by Emma-Louise Kearney — source: PrettyPennyDesigns
3. pinned by Nicole Redington — source: Dixie Mango
4.pinned by btrflywmn — source: A Spoonful of Sugar

– – – – –

5. pinned by Connie Campbell — source: All Wrapped Up
6. pinned by Millie Smith — source: Jennifer Ladd via Sew, Mama, Sew!
7. pinned by Liberty Reimschussel — source: Flamingo Toes
8. re-pinned by Jodi Bonjour — source: PurlBee

– – – – –

9. pinned by Erin :: Just Plain Lovely — source: PurlBee
10. pinned by Jill Lowell — source: ikat bag via Sew, Mama, Sew!
11. pinned by Christina Israelsen — source: The Little Appleseed
12. re-pinned by Susan — source: PatternPile.com

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13. re-pinned by Lynne Bradley — source: Say Yes To Hoboken
14. pinned by Sarah Eastberg — source: Terrabyte Farm
15. re-pinned by Everything Etsy — source: Midwestern Sewing Girl

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Happy Pinning!!

Evie Carry All Trio :: by Sara Lanan

The Evie Carry All Trio is a fashion savvy on-the-go solution for all you lovely ladies out there. Designed by Sara Lanan, creative voice behind popular UK-based blog Craft Snob, this trio includes a case for your sunglasses, a perfectly-sized makeup bag and a roomy handbag in which to store them. Just imagine all the ‘oooo’s and ‘ahhhhh’s you’ll get one you arrive at the coffee shop with this one in tow.

Sara’s blog is dedicated to crafting things that make her feel pretty, so it’s no surprise that this is one of her new favorites. It’s her first bag tutorial AND her very first contribution to Pellon Projects™. We’re looking forward to seeing what she’ll have up her sleeve next! This project is intended for intermediate sewers, but as a determined beginner, I’m not sure I would shy away.


What fabrics would you use to construct this lovely trio? Would you stick with the Grey-Pink-Green combo to liven up your wardrobe for Spring? We want to know!


Evie Carry All Trio
* Materials list accounts for making all three pieces

Materials Needed
1-3/4 yards of Exterior Fabric
1-3/4 yards of Lining Fabric
1-3/4 yards Pellon® 810 Tru-Grid™
3/4 yard Pellon® 809 Décor Bond®
1/4 yard Pellon® 72F Peltex®II
1/4 yard Pellon® SF101 Shape-Flex®
1/8 yard Pellon® 987F Fusible Fleece
22″ Zipper
9″ Zipper
1/2″ Round Velcro
Fabric Marker

Tools Needed
Sewing Machine and Related Supplies
Rotary Cutting Rulers and Supplies

To download a free copy of the full instructions, please visit our website. And if you make your own, make sure to post a photo on our Facebook page!

**All images were pulled from the Pellon Projects™ tutorial and are courtesy of Sara Lanan & Alexandra Henry.

With Love From…

A few days late? Phooey;). We’ve been busy being inspired all of our fabulous finds on Pinterest. What in the world did we do before that site existed? Need a headband tutorial? Done. Looking to check out the new Lotta Jansdotter fabric line? It’s on there. Hoping to see what’s up at Joann’s this month? They’ve been pinning too!

Today, we’re focusing on children’s clothing. From tutorials to finished pieces, these little frocks and rompers are all over Pinterest. No time like the present to grab your favorite and make your little darling a special outfit to celebrate Spring. Take a peek, and have fun! (Oh – and we’re trying out a new photo layout this week courtesy of Pugly Pixel. Yay or Nay?)

1 – re-pinned by Anne Pieper — source: Me Sew Crazy
2. pinned by Heather D — source: Sewing in No Man’s Land
3. pinned by Jane Maynard — source: Project Run and Play
4. re-pinned by Jennifer Mathis — source: The Mother Huddle

– – – – –

5. re-pinned by Jeni Baker — source: Treefall Design on Etsy
6. pinned by Rachael (imagine gnats) — source: Luv in the Mommyhood

– – – – –

7. pinned by Amanda Voelker — source: Project Run and Play
8. pinned by Jennifer Mathis — source: Project Run and Play
9. pinned by Mama Lusco — source: Project Run and Play
10. pinned by Jody Bonjour — source: The Mother Huddle

– – – – –

11. pinned by Charity Moschopoulos — source: Project Run and Play
12. pinned by Mia Zamora-Johnson — source: Project Run and Play
13. pinned by Tim and Lori Swanner — source: Project Run and Play
14. pinned by Betony Coons — source: Project Run and Play

– – – – –

15. pinned by Tracy — source: Project Run and Play
16. pinned by Maggie {Smashed Peas & and Carrots} — source: Smashed Peas and Carrots
17. re-pinned by Rachel Mower — source: Make it and Love it

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Happy Pinning!!

:: Tuesday Tips – April 17 ::

Today’s tip should give you the hand you need to finish up that first quilt of Spring. You know… the one with the fabulously colorful prints that you’ve been looking forward to creating all Winter? So, take a peek, finish it up, bring that exquisite piece of art outside into that fresh Spring air, snap a photo and post it on our Facebook page. That’s right… we love sharing!! 😉

Blocking a Quilt
Once a quilt is completed it is often beneficial to block it, as you might with a knit sweater. To get started, you’ll want to very lightly dampen the quilt. Lay it out on a flat surface, like a clean floor. The purpose in blocking is to allow the fibers to return to their natural state or position. If the quilt was made properly, it will easily become squared and lay flat.  Use a large cutting ruler to position the corners and ‘square them’. Then use a long straight ruler or yard stick to position or straighten the sides.  Pin this in place and allow to air dry. The quilt will drape/lay nicely and remain in this condition.

Love Rings Quilt :: by Darlene Christopherson

You first heard mention of this week’s feature in our interview with Darlene Christopherson last Thursday. The Love Rings Quilt was made by Darlene for her daughter’s engagement. We’re told that it’s now a favorite of her second grandson! It’s a gorgeous quilt, using a very old, traditional quilt pattern based on the Drunkard’s Path block. The selection of fabrics and color in this one are quite perfect, but really, the arrangement and contrast of the dark and light fabrics is what makes this quilt an icon. This is truly one of my favorites on the website.

Isn’t the pattern mesmerizing? Darlene set this one at an intermediate level, though I’m sure that a determined beginner could give it a shot as well. As you read last week, she is a teacher and writes fantastic instructions.


Love Rings Quilt
* Quilt shown is 56″ x 80″ using 4″ finished blocks, 14 blocks across by 20 blocks down.

Materials Needed
280 – 4″ finished squares: 140 light prints and 140 dark prints. Packs of 5″ square are available at most quilt shops making variety easy


3 yards of dark fabric
3 yards of light fabric
5 yards of backing
3/4 yard of binding
Legacy™ Premier Quilt Batting Natural Blend 80/20 Cotton/Poly Twin (72″ x 96″)

Tools Needed
Sewing Machine and related tools
Standard hand sewing supplies

To download a free copy of the full instructions, please visit our website. And if you make your own, make sure to post a photo on our Facebook page!

**All images were pulled from the Pellon Projects™ tutorial and are courtesy of Darlene Christopherson & Alexandra Henry.

:: Tuesday Tips – April 10 ::

This week we address one of those pesky, mid-project problems. Imagine this… You’re in the middle of a project and you’re working with one of Pellon®’s fusible interfacings. Everything is going well until the dog barks, distracting you just enough so that you end up with a bit of adhesive on your iron. Have no fear! There is an easy solution.

– – – – – – – – – –

Q: “I got adhesive on my iron.  What do I do?”

A: To remove any fusible residue from your iron, we recommend that you use a Hot Iron Cleaner, a product that can be found on the notions wall of your local fabric or quilt store. It is a thick cream that is applied to your iron. Be sure to follow the directions carefully as this product is applied to a HOT iron and we don’t want you to get burned!  If you do a lot of fusing, we would recommend that you purchase a silicone sole plate like Iron-Safe® that fits over the bottom of your iron. Iron-Safe® can be found in many local fabric shops or you can order one online right here.

Problem? SOLVED!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all of us here at Pellon®! May your day be filled with family & friends, fun & excitement (and maybe a few Easter Egg Hunts too!)

 — Fabric eggs and all images via Sew, Mama, Sew. —
— Free pdf tutorial for your crafting pleasure right here. —