With Love From…

Though it’s actually been around for a few years, Pinterest now seems to be the ‘it’ social media outlet for 2012. An endless source of inspiration, the site has become a daily destination for so many crafters, sewers and quilters. We love scrolling through to peek at newly constructed quilts, fun patterns, new fabrics and more. It’s a great resource and if you’re not already ‘pinning’ we’d highly encourage you to check it out! If you don’t currently have an account and need an invite, comment on this post with a way for us to get in touch and we’ll send one to you. If you’re already pinning and want to share your boards with other readers, post your info in the comments. AND If you’re wondering what we’re up to, you can follow us here.

With all the hype, we couldn’t help but present a weekly round-up. We’ve been so inspired by the things we’ve seen, it seems like a shame to keep the images to ourselves. So… every Friday, you can expect a whole lot of awesome. With love, from Pinterest;).

re-pinned by Erin Harris — image source: lieblingsdecke via flickr

– – – – –

re-pinned by Kim Niedzwiecki — image source: Red Pepper Quilts

– – – – –

re-pinned by Kim Crum — image source: Two Hippos

– – – – –

pinned by Rafa Kids — image source: Sew Katie Did via flicker

– – – – –

re-pinned by Linda Gardner — image source: I’m a Ginger Monkey

– – – – –

pinned by Lee Heinrich — image source: Stitched in Color

– – – – –

re-pinned by April Carlisle — image source: Beth Ward via Modern Day Quilts

– – – – –

pinned by Nancy — image source: Purl Bee

– – – – –

re-pinned by Linda Gardner — image source: Blue Elephant Stitches

– – – – –

re-pinned by Kim Niedzwiecki — image source: Gecko Gully

– – – – –

pinned by Claire Jain — image source: Little Island Quilting via The Modern Quilt Guild

– – – – –

Happy Pinning!!


8 thoughts on “With Love From…

  1. Linda Margrave says:

    Recently one of my customer brought in a quilt for me to quilt and three different battings for me to choose. I have always used a leading brand and so looking at my choices I thought I would try Pellon’s Nature’s Touch. Even before quilting I loved the touch and lightness of your product. After quilting with Nature’s Touch I now have another wonderful choice. With it “MADE IN AMERICA”, what a Blessing! Thank you so much for this product.

    • erin says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Linda! We love hearing things like this about our products:). Happy Quilting!!

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