Taylor Urban

Taylor Urban is a crafter, sewer and creator of the popular blog It’s Taylor Made. She is always looking for new ideas, and has an true passion for discovering new crafts. One look at her impressive list of DIY crafts and you might just be hooked! Taylor holds a degree in costume design & runs the Etsy Shop, Taylor Made Home. She lives just outside of Houston, TX with her husband and her two sons.

We were thrilled to snag Taylor as a Pellon Projects™ artist last year and just love her Baby Activity Tree Mat. Click here for the tutorial and scroll down for a closer look.

Pellon: What does your creative process entail?
Taylor: I am super organized. I would like to say that I look like a mad genius, but that’s not true. I have 3 of 4 idea lists at all times and when an idea come to me I jot it down quick even in the middle of the night!

P: Why do you enjoy sewing & crafting?
T: It’s how I relax. My whole life is loud and fast so it is the only time I’m not listening or talking. I also love that I can start from a piece of fabric and in less than an hour I can make something beautiful. Instant gratification.

P: What tips or tricks learned through experience can you share?
T: Always measure twice, it still gets me! I am bad with numbers, so about once a week I cut something wrong. Also,  a serger is a very good investment.

P: When and why did you start sewing/quilting/crafting?
T: I can’t remember not being crafty and creative. I started sewing around the age of 12. I loved having something unique that no one else had.

P: What triggers you to start a project?
T: If I don’t have a project going on I feel weird! I am always working on something. I usually start out of necessity but then it leads to something else which then leads to something else…

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Baby Activity Tree Mat – pattern here


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