Connie Watkins

Connie Watkins has been quilting her whole life. She has won 3 “Best of Shows” in Central Texas Quilt Shows and numerous ribbons. She is a teacher, a quilter, a sewer and an entrepreneur. We’re lucky to have her as a Pellon Project Artist and couldn’t me more thrilled to introduce you to her today! Connie has designed a handful of fabulous projects for the site. Take a moment to browse and get inspired. Click here to download one of the four projects displayed below.

Pellon: Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Connie: I find inspiration everywhere. I look in books, magazines and old quilts.

P: What does your creative process look like/entail?
C: It takes a lot of planning to make a quilt.  I have to decide on a pattern and decide on what color and what fabrics I will need.  Once I construct the quilt top, I need to decide on what Legacy™ by Pellon batting will suit the project and what quilting designs I want to use.

P: Why do you enjoy sewing/quilting/crafting?
C: I love to sew and find it very relaxing and creative.

P: Do you create mainly for satisfaction, gifts, art or another reason?
C: I sew and quilt for satisfaction, gifts, art and just the enjoyment of the total process from start to finish.

P: What tips or tricks learned through experience can you share?
C: I teach quilting from beginners to experienced quilters and we learn together as we create our quilts.  Modern tools such as the rotary cutter and cutting boards have made quilting so much faster and easier.  More selection of 100% cotton fabrics and great Legacy™ by Pellon battings have made quilts more beautiful and durable.

P: When and why did you start sewing/quilting/crafting?
C: I have been sewing, quilting and crafting almost as long as I can remember.  I made my first quilt when I was really young for my doll and was making doll clothes on my toy sewing machine until I got my first electric sewing machine for Christmas when I was 6 years old.  I have been sewing ever since.

P: What triggers you to start a project?
C: Sometimes I need a gift or my children or grandchildren want me to make something for them.  I see a pattern I want to try or I see an antique quilt that I want to copy.  Lots of time I just go into my sewing room not knowing what I want to work on but just for the joy it gives me to create something from all my scraps.  I am very traditional and make a lot of quilts from old traditional patterns.  I have created a few art quilts but love the old traditional quilts best.







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