Essential Clutch

Travel light with this no sew hard-sided clutch. Pop in your wallet, keys and phone and you’re ready for a night out. The essential clutch is made  with materials found at the craft store and hardware store and is a great way to use  pieces of luxury fabrics. Add a little hardware or embellishment to make it your own. This project will take about 3 hours, plus drying time for the contact cement. Download the instructions for the Essential Clutch here.

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A quick chat with our designer, Amy Van Scoik:

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Amy: Usually I see a fabric that I love, and I want to figure out some way to use it. Also, I always see ready-made products and think about how I could improve the design and make them more user-friendly and also produced in a more sustainable manner. This includes the sourcing of the materials used to make the product, as well as the way it is produced and the experience of the people who are making it.

Why do you enjoy crafting?
A: I enjoy the process. What I really enjoy is getting tuned in and having 100% of my focus on what I am creating. All of the rest of your day to day preoccupations melt away and all of your energy pours into your project.

When and why did you start sewing & crafting?
A: I have been sewing and crafting casually since I was a kid. My grandmother sewed amazing clothing for me and my sister, and had an alterations business out of our home. My mother and I would go to the fabric store together and she would create outfits for me from fabric that I chose. Now I am really enjoying directing my own learning and building skills as I complete new projects. I sew because I want to create unique things, and I definitely get a satisfaction out being able to say, “I made this!”

On a higher level, ultimately the creative process is about empowerment, because you are directing the creative process. When someone asks where I got something, and I reply, “I made it,” I can see the wheels turning in their head. They might think, “I could make that too!” Creating anything, even the simplest project, turns us away from a purely consumer-oriented concept of ourselves and begins to open up the limitless possibilities we have as expressive beings capable of shaping the world around us.


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